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Galactic Ninja Batzlergin (銀河忍者バツラギン Ginga Ninja Batsuragin) (24) is the ninja-like leader of the Batzler Soldiers.

Character History

Batzlergin is brought in by Zone to improve upon their Batzler Soldier corp, hoping to take advantage of his mastery as a ninja in order to make them more useful to Zone's forces. Its main methods include training the Batzler, as well as a special stone that it made them absorb to give them the ability to transform into any animal under incantation. However, the Batzler leader has difficulties with one minion in particular: Batzler Soldier #339, who could not handle the ninja training and had difficulty in following orders; even failing to become an actual turtle with the stone and instead becoming a Batzler with a turtle shell on its back. The troublesome Batzler Soldier ultimately allies with Fiveman to take down its master, taking a fatal blow to protect Remi and later using its own disguise abilities to become FiveYellow and to take down Batzlergin's means to transform other Batzlers prior to his own death. After being eluded by his own idiot member, Fiveman defeat Batzlergin with the Earth Cannon, then with Super Five Robo after Gorlin #20 is used to make a giant copy.


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  • As a powerful and skilled ninja, Batzlergin is skilled in multiple ninja abilities, including substitution, string showers and transformation.

Behind the Scenes


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