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Galactic Fang Zaza (銀河の牙ザザ Ginga no Kiba Zaza) is an alien that Doldora hatched from an egg and converted into a cyborg to serve as her underling and loyal bodyguard in black tights with purple armor, born from a egg. Doing most of Doldora's work, Zaza is fiercely loyal to her mistress and swore absolute servitude to her. She used to operate along Billion at times(she once operated alongside Billion in episode 22). She is rivals with Remi. She does most of Doldora's dirty work and does not question her mistress at all. Attempting to shield Doldora from Vulgyre, Zaza is merged into her mistress's Baradorugin form.


  • She is the third known female underling of a female villain who is rivals with the yellow ranger after Farrah Cat who serves under Farrah and is rivals with the first Yellow 4, and Fuumin who serves under Igam and is rivals with Yellow Mask. She is, however the only one whose hair is concealed.


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