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Galactic Beast Anmonaiton (銀河獣アンモナイトン Gingajū Anmonaiton) (38) is a ammonite-like monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone attempted to be retrieved by First Captain Chevalier

Character History

Anmonaiton is a former weapon used by Chevalier during his previous Zone campaigns to destroy planets, but he lost contact with it when its ship unknowingly crashed in a remote Japanese village on Earth. When Chevalier discovers Anmonaiton's location on the planet, he enacts a scheme where he and the other Zone commanders disguise themselves as the Hoshikawa siblings to pretend to be teachers in order to access the crash site beneath their school and unseal the monster. Fumiya discovers the scheme when he sees Billion pretending to be him and pursues, leading him to nearly become captured beneath the ground as Anmonaiton is unsealed and he is forced to use his Five Tector to escape. With the monster in a Vulgooru headed for the ocean, Fumiya informs the others and Gaku pursues with Sky Alpha until he is able to shoot it down near the ocean. Fiveman take a stand against Anmonaiton to prevent it from reaching its destination, with Gaku destroying the monster with a ramming attack using his enhanced Five Tector strength.



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  • The monster attacks with its tendrils, but its main ability is a dangerous poison that activates when it combines with water; the poison is enough to kill anyone who merely breathes it in.

Behind the Scenes


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