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"Master of trickery and deceit- Gakko!"
―Gakko's roll call[src]

Gakko is the Rinshi, member of Five Fingers of Poison and master of Gecko fight style. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Can't Win Them All".


Gakko and other Fingers of Poison were formed by Camille to destroy the Rangers. Gecko hold the spirit of Gecko and was master of Gecko fight style. In the first battle with rangers, Gakko fought with Casey. After Rantipede was defeated Gakko decided to fight the rangers. Gakko had all powers of Gecko. He could regrow limbs and stick the walls. Gakko could climb on the walls and throw energy bombs. He was master of surprise and unpredictable attacks. He also thought that all great wariors could fight only at the side of the wall. Gakko attacked Ocean Bluff. He attacked the people in the building and encountered the rangers. In the first battle Gakko easily defeated the rangers. He climbed on the wall and rangers couldn't fight him. He fought with Theo. Then Gakko left. Dai Shi ordered Gakko to destroy the rangers next time he battle them. Gakko attacked the city with Camille and Rinshi. In the second battle he fought only with Casey and Lily. But then Theo came and defeated Gakko, using his ability of balancing on the wall. Gakko enlarged himself. In the giant battle Gakko separated his arm and it caught Jungle Pride Megazord. Gakko at once regrowed the arm. But the rangers freed themselves. Like Rantipede Gakko was destroyed by Megazord's Savage Spin.


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