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"The only conclusion I can draw... is that I've lost!"
―Final words before Death[src]

Gakkarize (ガッカリゼ Gakkarize) is a painting game/artist-themed Player from Team Azald and the final player introduced in the Blood Game.

Character History

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  • Medal Slot: Purple paint tube cap on his left shoulder.
  • Blood Game: Paint things to create chaos.
  • Genre: Painting


  • Efdeeper (エフディッパー Efuthippā): Gakkarize's paintbrush which can also be used as a sword.

Powers and Abilities

Combo: My Super Art (俺のスーパーアート Ore no sūpāāto): A combo move in which Gakkarize make anything he has drawn come to life (If it was a living thing) or materialize (If it was an object).

Behind the Scenes


Gakkarize is voiced by Shinnosuke Tachibana (立花 慎之介 Tachibana Shinnosuke), who previously voiced as Prince Kanata in Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


  • Gakkarize is the final Player from Team Azald it also is the final monster to appear in the christmas episode.


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