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Gaisoulg (ガイソーグ Gaisōgu)[1] is a set of animated knight armor which developed its own evil sentience with an insatiable desire to hunt strong opponents to make them hosts against their will. His evil spirit was an enemy of the Ryusoulgers until the armor was purified later thanks to Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur's power and put under the ownership of Nada. The armor was manifested into the Max Ryusoul Changer and Max RyuSoul after its user's death.

Character History

Gaisoulg armor creation.png

The Gaisoulg armor was one of the earliest weapons and arsenals of the Ryusoul Tribe, created by Valma using the remains of dinosaurs to fight the Druidon Tribe. The armor was designed to absorb the user's hatred and turn it into power. However, Valma was drunk on its power and decided to use it to rule the world. Fortunately, Koh from the future defeated him and the armor broke apart. Tvicon.png TV STORY- Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger The Movie: Time Slip! Dinosaur Panic!!

However at some point the armor returned and developed its own consciousness due to the overabundance of hatred it gain from the many users it had. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 21: Light and Dark Kishiryu 300 years ago, Master Green would later don Gaisoulg's armor against some returning Druidons, including Pricious and was able to drive him away. Tvicon.png TV STORY- Ep. 45: Get Your Heart Back! But ultimately, the Armor found his weakness and managed to control him, causing him to attack his own village. Unable to deal with it, Master Green fled to outer space and died off, leaving Gaisoulg to wander the cosmos looking for a strong opponent.

Super Sentai Strongest Battle!!

Gaisoulg has been searching for the strongest among the Super Sentai. He first fought Luka Millfy and took over her body. He later sought out the Gokaigers. Dissatisfied with them, he left. Later he used Luka's entry ticket to infiltrate the Super Sentai Strongest Battle, a friendly competition among Rangers on planet Nemesis to discover the strongest warrior and grant their wish, in order to achieve his ends. Captain Marvelous also received an invitation to the battle and surmised correctly, that it is the perfect place for Gaisoulg to attack next.

Gaisoulg then proceeded to attack some of the skirmish winners, until he got to Stinger and Takaharu Igasaki, who happened to be part of Captain Marvelous' component.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Battle1: Who is the Strongest in History!? Gaisoulg attacked the duo until Marvelous arrived to fight him. Gaisoulg was able to defeat him but before delivering a final blow, Takaharu deflected one strike and was hit by the other. He decided to leave afterwards and was summoned by Rita, the guardian of Nemesis who created the competition. She said that only those with an invitation were allowed to participate but Gaisoulg revealed he was in possession of one. With no other choice, Rita inserted Gaisoulg into the competition as a wild card. Between rounds, Gaisoulg confronted Takaharu and attacked him. Gaisoulg was sent into the fight between Ninja White & Ryuu Ranger vs. Red Mask & OhRed in order to speed things up. The four Rangers anticipated this and teamed up to fight Gaisoulg but were all defeated until Marvelous arrived and fought him as Gokai Red then as DekaRed and HurricaneRed. Gaisoulg prepared to use one of Takaharu's techniques but was deflected by Marvelous who was able to unmask him, revealing Takaharu Igasaki inside.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Battle2: The Secretive Armor of Mystery

Nada takes Gaisoulg’s helmet before leaving

After Ultimate Great-Satan was defeated, Rita summoned Gaisoulg's armor to fight against Marvelous, Stinger, Takaharu, Kagura and Yamato. Ryusoul Green and Ryusoul Black appeared and finished off Rita by destroying Gaisoulg's armor in order to release her. After Gaisoulg's armor has separated into pieces, an unseen person[2] managed to take Gaisoulg's helmet before making his leave.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Final Battle: Heading Towards Tomorrow!Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 30: Overthrow! High Spec


Nada, now under the identity of Gaisoulg, released Kishiryu DimeVolcano for Wizeru, however the Kishiryu was obtained by the Ryusoulgers first. The night after the Ryusoulgers defeated the Shen Minosaur, Gaisoulg met with Wizeru and Kleon mocking the former of the two for allowing the Ryusoulgers to obtain DimeVolcano, which made Wizeru angry and had a small fight with him. Angrily Wizeru asks him why he didn’t got rid of the Ryusoulgers by himself which Gaisorg responded that it was pointless as Wizeru wanted "entertainment". Gaisoulg tells Wizeru that he's going to let him know if he finds something interesting before leaving. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 12: Scorching Illusion

Gaisoulg later approached Prime Minister Mioko Karino at her hospital room who tells her that he could have killed her if she wanted. Mioko responded that she and Gaisoulg are similar as both wander with nowhere to belong. Mioko tells Gaisoulg that he might be having trouble to let his past glory go and according to her, Gaisoulg could create a Minosaur by this rate. While Mioko leaves, Gaisoulg asks her where she’s going, to which she answers where she belongs as she finally found her place. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 13: The Prime Minister is of the Ryusoul Tribe!?

After a seven episode absence, Gaisoulg returns by meeting face to face with Towa who was the last Ryusoulger standing as the others were captured by Wizeru with the power of the Grimoire Minosaur. Gaisoulg had a small battle with Towa in which he easily defeated him. Before leaving, Gaisoulg told Towa “to not rely on his strengths and bring them to life instead” which were the same words that Towa and Bamba’s master used to say.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 20: Supreme Artist

Nada eventually reaches to the point where he cannot control Gaisoulg, thus letting the armor taking over his mind.

Gaisoulg made its way to the Ryusoulgers while the latter were fighting Gachireus and Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur, the Druidon Tribe members retreats as Gaisoulg rampages on site. Suddenly, Towa uses DoshinSoul to weaken Nada's body as a mean to force Gaisoulg to switch to a new host, and Melt suggests to use the Minosaur's rainbow rain to accelerate the process to exhaust Gaisoulg's hatred. Gaisoulg attempted to take Koh as its new host but was blocked by the Ryusoulgers and its hatred was expelled by the rainbow rain, relieving Nada and Koh.

After defeating the Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur, the Ryusoulgers return to the Tatsui residence. Nada secretly follows in as Gaisoulg, frightening Ui and Naohisa until surprising them by using the Gaisoul Ken as a backscratcher. Then Nada took off Gaisoulg's helmet, showing his gratitude to the Ryusoulgers and giving Towa a payback fight upon using DoshinSoul on him. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 32: When The Rain of Hatred Ceases


Not much known about his personality. It is shown that he is a merciless and sadistic knight who wanted to defeat his enemies without any villains' help. He is also one of the Sentai villains with a loner-type personality. The armor has an insatiable craving for a strong opponent, and will often take over the strongest body in the vicinity. Eventually, it was revealed to be possessed by excessive amounts of hatred, which was drained thanks to the Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur. After the essence of hatred is released and vanished, the Gaisoulg armor is later used for good by Nada to aid the Ryusoulgers.


These people used the armor and unlike the hosts, they have full control over it or they still have control over their actions prior to the armor's purification.


Prior to the armor's purification, these people were forced to wear the armor against their will and while using it they had almost no control over their actions, depending on how many parts of the armor is worn, like Captain Marvelous, who partially held-in the armor's essence until he freed the others that it captured. In Koh's case, despite not having the complete armor, he could still access the past user's memories.



"Gaisoul Change! (rock riff) Haa~"
―Transformation announcement via Gaisoul Ken[src]
  • Gaisoul Ken[3] (ガイソーケン Gaisō Ken, lit. "Gaisoul Sword"): A purple version of the Ryusoulgers' Ryusoul Ken.
  • Unnamed Shield: Gaisoulg's secondary weapon.
  • RyuSouls
    • GaiSoul


  • Ancient Break Edge (エンシェントブレイクエッジ Enshento Bureiku Ejji): Gaisoulg's main attack. With the Gaisoul Ken, Gaisoulg gathers energy and unleashes two energy slashes that combine to form an "X" slash before hitting the target.
  • Projectile Energy Blade Attack: Gaisoulg can throw energy slashes at the opponent with the Gaisoul Ken.
  • Energy Burst: With the Gaisoul Ken, Gaisoulg can create energy explosions to repel one or several opponents.
  • Energy Slash: With the Gaisoul Ken, Gaisoulg can unleash purple energy slashes at his opponents
  • Luka's Gokai Saber technique.
  • Takaharu's Shuriken Ninpo.

Powers & Abilities

  • User Possession / Host Subjugation: Being a living armor, Gaisoulg can take over others and use them as his body, as long as the person he is going to possess is strong enough to use it, hence his desire to seek and fight with strong warriors to take possession of them. The stronger the host, the more time they can fight off his control before falling victim to his enslavement. It has been seen that Gaisoulg can even possess those who wear any part of his armor, such as Captain Marvelous, who was almost possessed by wearing Gaisoulg's helmet, and Koh by having almost all the full armor. However, there have been certain people, unlike the hosts, who had full control over Gaisoulg and still had control over his actions when wearing the armor of their own free will, but also run the risk of becoming hosts if they wear the armor afterwards for a certain period of time. After being purified by the Jack-O'-Lantern Minosaur, the armor lost its sentience, and could no longer control the user.
  • Memory Transfer: Gaisoulg can transfer the memories of his previous hosts to his current host.
  • Access Host's Techniques: Depending on the body he owns, Gaisoulg can also access the signature attacks of his hosts, since he could use Luka's Saka Gokai technique and Takaharu's Shuriken Ninpo while he possessed them. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Battle1: Who is the Strongest in History!? Tvicon.png TV STORY-Battle2: The Secretive Armor of Mystery
  • Invisibility: While it’s unknown if he can access to this ability via KakureSoul like the Ryusoulgers or is a power belonging to a host. It’s confirmed that Gaisoulg can turn himself invisible to sneak into any place he wants. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 13: The Prime Minister is of the Ryusoul Tribe!?
  • Minosaur Creation: According to Mioko Karino, Gaisoulg is capable of creating Minosaurs, much like herself or Kleon.

Appearances: 4 Week Continuous Special Super Sentai Strongest Battle!! Episodes 1-4, Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episodes 12-13, Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger The Movie: Time Slip! Dinosaur Panic!!, 20, 26-27, 29-33, 45

Behind the Scenes



  • Gaisoulg continues the tradition of a knight-themed Sentai villain featuring in a dinosaur-themed Sentai series that began with Dora Knight from Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger. Other characters include the Armor of Darkness from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger and Raging Knight Dogold from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. The latter two were also evil armors seeking to take over the bodies of strong foes.
  • Likewise, Gaisoulg continues a related-yet-distinct tradition of an evil Ranger featuring in a dinosaur-themed Sentai series, following Dragon-Ranger, AbareKiller and Deathryuger.
    • All those characters were killed in the end. With the exception of AbareKiller, their powers were inherited in some form by a Red Ranger (Tyranno-Ranger inherited Dragon-Ranger's shield, future Kyoryu Red initially got Deathryuger's power and Gaisoulg empowered Max Ryusoul Red).
  • The details on his armor give him the resemblance of a human-sized RyuSoul in Knight Mode.
  • Gaisoulg shares many notable similarities with other knight-themed characters, most notably Wolzard, the Armor of Darkness and Raging Knight Dogold.
    • In regards to Wolzard (and in turn Koragg the Knight Wolf), both are knight who wield a sword and a shield. Both has a similar purple and silver color scheme (although the Wolzard's color scheme has more purple than silver while Gaisoulg has more silver than purple). It also both were released from the evil who controlled them and then joined forces with their respective Sentai teams.
      • While Wolzard was a member of the enemy faction of his own season, Gaisoulg is a lonely character who is not part of the enemy faction of his Sentai series.
      • The transformation of Gaisoulg armor as a power in the form of Max Ryusoul Red reflects the Wolzard transformation into Wolzard Fire, although the way it works is different between the two.
    • In regards to the Armor of Darkness and Dogold, they are sensitive armors from different Sentai series that are associated with dinosaurs that enslave their hosts and give them access to their weapons and techniques.
      • However, unlike Dogold, who can switch hosts at any time, Gaisoulg and the Armor of the Darkness needs to be defeated in order to change hosts, and both who wield a sword and a shield.
      • While Dogold and the Armor of Darkness have used one Hero Sentai as host in their respective Sentai series, Gaisoulg has used more than one Hero Sentai as host.
  • Gaisoulg also shares some similarities with Duke Org Rouki from Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger in terms of being villains who are actually evil spirits that inhabit in an armor (Gaisoulg) and in a mask (Rouki) respectively.
  • The Japanese pronunciation of his name (Gaisōgu, ガイソーグ) is similar to Kaizoku (カイゾク) with little difference of sound. Although people do not usually use Katakana for spelling a Japanese word in Hiragana, it is written as かいぞく and in Kanji write as 海賊 which means "pirate". This could be an intentional pun, as Gaisoulg had battled and used two of the Gokaigers as hosts.
    • His name might also be derived from the Japanese word Gaisou (外装), which means "sheath".
    • Part of his name, Gai, is a kun'yomi reading for the kanji "Yoroi" (鎧 lit. "armor"). Fitting the Gokaiger pun, the civilian identity of Gokai Silver shares this name.
  • The film Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger The Movie: Time Slip! Dinosaur Panic!! shows that Gaisoulg existed 65 million years ago, which means it may be a Ryusolger suit prototype. If this is so, Gaisoulg may be the third ranger to be a prototype suit as Mega Silver and AbareKiller.
  • Despite not being part of the Druidon Tribe, Gaisoulg's knight motif plays into the Chess theme shared by almost all main members of Druidon.


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