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The Gaisoul Ken (ガイソーケン Gaisō Ken, lit. "Gaisoul Sword") is the transformation device, sidearm, and main weapon for Gaisoulg. It is a redeco of the Ryusoul Ken, and as such retains similar, if not entirely the same, functions of the Ryusoul Ken.[1][2]


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―GaiSoul insertion announcement[src]

"Gaisoul Change! (rock riff) Haa~"
―Transformation announcement[src]

―Transformation RyuSoul insertion announcement[src]

"Ryusoul Change! (rock riff)"
―Transformation announcement w/ a Transformation RyuSoul[src]

Before Gaisoulg is purified from its own hatred, the user can transform into Gaisoulg automatically. After being purified, the user activates the GaiSoul and inserts it into the Gaisoul Ken, then closes it to finish the transformation.

Finishing Strike

"Ancient Break Edge!"
―Finisher Announcement[src]

"Gaisoul Zan! (specific phrase associated with inserted RyuSoul)"
―Attack announcement w/ a KyoRyuSoul[src]

To activate the Ancient Break Edge (エンシェントブレイクエッジ Enshento Bureiku Ejji), Gaisoulg opens the "mouth" of the Gaisoul Ken to initiate the attack, then "chomps" once to activate the attack. Alternatively, he can insert an auxiliary Soul, KyoRyuSoul, or a Legend Sentai Soul, then chomp to activate a variant of the Ancient Break Edge, some with different names entirely.[1]

List of attacks:

  • Transformation:
    • Ryusoul Break Edge (リュウソウブレイクエッジ Ryūsō Bureiku Ejji)
  • Auxiliary:
    • TsuyoSoul:
    • NobiSoul:
    • OmoSoul:
    • HayaSoul:
    • KataSoul:
  • KyoRyuSouls:
    • MeraMeraSoul:
    • BiriBiriSoul:
    • ByuByuSoul:
    • KurayamiSoul: When activated, the Gaisoul Ken will announce Shadow! Shadow! Shadow! ()
    • KagayakiSoul: When activated, the Gaisoul Ken will announce Shine! Shine! Shine! ()
    • CosmoSoul: When activated, the Gaisoul Ken will announce Big Bang! Bang! Bang! ()
    • DoshinSoul:
    • HieHieSoul:
  • Legend Sentai:
    • KyoryugerSoul: Gaburincho Slash Edge (ガブリンチョスラッシュエッジ Gaburincho Surasshu Ejji)




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