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Gagaagin (ガガーギン Gagāgin) (9) is the moth-themed Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Gagaagin is initially sent out as part of a campaign by Zone to boost up their own "Sentai squad", Ginga Sentai Gingaman (made up of five of the aliens who live within Vulgyre assisting them on occasion while their leader is away); the Galactic Warrior is sent out by Zone to infect the populace and Gingaman is subsequently released to fight against the monster and gain the public's trust. However Gagaagin's true ability becomes evident when the reporters arrive to build up Gingaman's publicity, with him using his hypnotic eyes to brainwash people into Meadow's control for an easier conquering of the planet by Zone, likewise hypnotizing the Fiveman males at one point. The boy initially saved by Gingaman discovers this and informs it to Fiveman, allowing for them to fight and defeat both Gingaman and Gagaagin, leading to his destruction by the Brother Attack. After releasing Gorlin #08 to absorb the Galactic Warrior, he is fully destroyed by FiveRobo.


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  • Gagaagin's abilities include the release of a disease that infects anyone hit by him and a dangerous powder for protection. However his most dangerous ability is in his eyes, which can be used to hypnotize anyone struck by him into believing anything that he says.

Behind the Scenes


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