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"There's still so much I wanted to eat..."
―Final words before Death[src]

Gaburio (ガブリオ Gaburio, 5 & 6) is one of the Players from Team Azald. He uses his huge jaws to eat anything he sees, even buildings.

Character History

He was sent down with an army of Triangulars. However the army was attacked by Zyuoh King and destroyed. Gaburio was left stuck head first in the dirt. The Zyuohgers essentially forgot about him, meeting Larry. Ep. 5: King of the Jungle

He returns to eat the city after Azarudo saves him from the dirt. Eventually he comes to rematch the Zyuohgers and then he was defeated and destroyed by ZyuohWild. Ep. 6: Wild Present

Ep. 30: The Legendary Megabeast


Gaburio can be easily called vain. He pushed Moebas out of the way to attack the Zyuohgers himself.


  • Medal Slot: Nose
  • Blood Game: Eating buildings
  • Genre: Dot Eat

Powers and Abilities

  • Crisistomach (クライシストマック Kuraishisutomakku): Gaburio's stomach located inside his body which he fills up with everything he ate.
  • Big Jaw: Gaburio's jaw which can destroy concrete (or any material) in one bite.
  • Head Crest: The crest on Gaburio's head which can shoot an energy beam slice.
  • Combo: Time to chow down! (いただきまーす! Itadakimāsu!): A combo move in which Gaburio uses his Big Jaw to rapidly chow down on a target.

Behind the Scenes



  • Gaburio was designed by Yukihide Toyoda.
  • As with all villains and monsters of the series, Gaburio is based off past Sentai villains. He shares designs with both Dora Circe from Zyuranger, UU Wurin from Carranger, and a Nosakamata from Shinkenger. Especially for Dora Circe because of his head design and same part that they both eat Sentai member's weapons.
  • His large mouth that takes up most of his body and genre of "dot eating" may be an homage to Pac-Man.


  • His name is based on  "Gabu", which is the Japanese onomatopoeia for "biting."


  • He is the first player to appear in two episodes.


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