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"Gaburincho: Pteragordon!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

The Transformation Gauntlet Gaburichanger (変身ガントレット ガブリチェンジャー Henshin Gantoretto Gaburichenjā) is Kyoryu Gold's gauntlet-like transformation device and main shooting weapon, fashioned after his partner Zyudenryu Pteragordon. Created by Wise God Torin from a piece of his essence, which nearly killed him in the process. 

To transform, Utsusemimaru flips open the mouth and shouts "Brave In!", inserts his Zyudenchi inside the slot, closes the mouth, and pulls back the trigger after announcing "Kyoryu Change!" (恐竜チェンジ Kyōryū Chenji), which makes the wing unfold. Once he does a kabuki-inspired dance, he says "Fire!" (ファイヤ! Faiya!) and lets go of the trigger, triggering the transformation.

Once transformed, the Gabrichanger can fire bolts of electric Brave energy by pulling the trigger behind the weapon for the Lightning Gun Turbulent Shot (雷電砲乱れ撃ち Raidenhō Midareuchi). This technique can also be used as a smokescreen-like move, called the Dust Cloud Explosion (土煙爆 Doenbaku), which throws up an obstructing cloud of dust and dirt once the bolt hits the ground.

The sole wing that is also on the Gabrichanger can be used as a improvised sword that can channel Brave energy to create a beam sword to strike deeper into foes in the Lightning Flying Slash (雷電飛翔斬り Raiden Hishō Giri) technique. Kyoryu Gold can cancel his transformation by removing the Zyudenchi from the Gabrichanger.

If Utsusemimaru were to lose one, his Zyudenryu, Pteragordon can create and supply him with a replacement.

Other uses

By combining it with the Zandar Thunder, it will activate the Lightning Linkage (稲妻連動 Inazuma Rendō) technique, paralyzing the target as so it cannot get away.


The Lupin Collection.


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