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Rake Psyma Beast Gabara is a Kappa themed and final Psyma Beast under Evil Spirit Princess Denus

Character History

Gabara was sent by Denus to use his aquatic abilities to hide his work of activating a dormant fault line to cause a massive earthquake throughout Japan. GoGoFive initially face him but think he's defeated by knocking him into the water, unknowing of the true scheme. When earthquakes continue to occur throughout the city, the remains of GoGoFive outside Matoi (who was dealing with facing a rival rescue worker) face it with Nagare fighting it underwater until Matoi finishes saving a boy knocked off a cliff by one of the earthquakes. The team break the trident before destroying the monster with Hyper Five. After Pierre resurrects it, the team knock it around with Victory Mars before destroying it with Mars Flare.


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Aside from his aquatic abilities to work well on land and water, his main weapon is a trident which he uses for combat as well as to activate dormant fault lines to cause earthquakes.

Behind the Scenes


concept art


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  • His motifs are the one of a kappa and Sha Wujing

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