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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood. Viewer discretion is advised!

Radio Jack (電波ジャック Denpa Jakku) is the eleventh episode of Engine Sentai Go-Onger.


When Gunpei talks with Hant about his part time flower arranging job and Gaiark not surfacing since the debut of Engine-Oh G6, Bomper tells them to turn on the TV, which shows Sōsuke as a G1 Racecar Driver in an upcoming race, Saki as an idol, and Renn as a Quiz Encyclopedia game show contestant. When Hant runs off when he learns he is to inherit a fortune from millionaire Kinzoshi Kanekura, for a Gunpei is forced to run from the police when charged for robbing a bank. Deciding to do something about this incognito, Gunpei tries to snap the others out of the deception by Antenna Banki, who is using the power of television to hypnotize not only the Go-ongers to keep them apart, but also the masses into increase the output of pollution. When Gunpei realizes the scheme revolves around TV, Gunpei makes his way to Antenna Banki and fight him on his own, losing to the stronger opponent before being tossed aside to be arrested. But when Antenna Banki airs Gunpei's arrest live on national television, the other Go-ongers realize the truth and made it in time before Antenna Banki finishes Gunpei off. After the team thank Gunpei for snapping them out of their deception, the assembled Go-ongers defeat Antenna Banki with a Gunpherd-powered Super Highway Buster. When Antenna Banki Industrial Revolutionizes, Engine-Oh and GunBir-Oh are formed to double team him with GunBir-Oh finishing the fight on its own as it scraps Antenna Banki. As the city is cleaned up with Satellite Banki's spell wearing off, the others annoyingly tend to Gunpei's needs until he cannot take it anymore.


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Digital Releases

Go-Onger Volume 3, DVD cover

The DVD Release of Engine Sentai Go-Onger Volume 3 features episodes 9-12.[1]

Go-Onger Volume 1, Blu-ray cover

The Blu-ray release of Engine Sentai Go-Onger Volume 1 features episodes 1-16.

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