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"I'm the Bowzock's #1 Gofer, GG Boon! Four super-sized yakiniku lunches, if you please! And make it snappy!"
―GG Boon's first words to a shop keeper when he arrived on Earth (with Kyosuke happening to be nearby).[src]

"It's time for Imo-King Imo-Yokan....."
―GG Boon's before eating Imo-youkan.[src]

"How dare you!"
―GG Boon after his coin attack had no effect on VRV Robo and his final words before his death.[src]

GG Boon (ゴンゴンボーン GonGon Bōn, 35):


The Bowzock's best errand boy, GG Boon was sent by Gynamo to get some lunch boxes as Zonnette was hungry. When he first appeared, he was cutting a turn in front of Red Racer, who was out buying provisions for the other Carrangers. Before they battled, unfortunately for him, he was hungry during that time too and couldn't put up much of a fight. This was also when Signalman (who was drugged into being evil by a miasmic, Carranger-colored gas that had affected the atmosphere of his planet) ambushed Kyosuke too. Seeing Signalman having turned to evil, Boon decided to halt his current mission in favor of gaining Signalman's approval so he could be swayed to the Bowzock cause.

Later on, Boon ambushed the Carrangers in the midst of their battle with the drugged Signalman. When confronted by the space police officer, Boon assured him that he was a friend, and proved so by hitting the Carrangers with his Swindled Change Attack. Convinced, the evil Signalman accepted his assistance. But it was not long after that truce that the Carrangers called the Giga Booster to blown Boon to the ground. Signalman was unable to assist Boon further, as Zelmoda arrived to bring him to the Baribarian while Boon enlarged via imo-youkan. A fight between him and VRV Robo resulted in him getting one kick in, but nothing else as the mecha proceeded to dominate him. He was ultimately finished off by the VRV Robo's Victory Twister... and Zonnette never got her lunch as an indirect result of Boon's death.


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GG Boon's signature attack is his Swindled Change Attack, where he throws exploding coins which are strong enough to take down all five Carrangers with one hit. He also drove an old fashioned car for transportation to Earth.

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  • His motif is that of a change purse.

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