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―Attachment announcement[src]

"Are you ready?"
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"Powered Custom! It's Morphin' Time!"
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The GB Custom Visor (GBカスタムバイザー Jī Bī Kasutamu Baizā) is what allows the three core Go-Busters to transform into their Powered Custom (パワードカスタム Pawādo Kasutamu) forms. It first appeared in Mission 33. Once the Go-Busters enter Powered Custom, they are armed with armor and a new helmet visor. The Go-Busters can also execute their own finishing move.


The Go-Buster must be transformed and their Buddy Roid must be present. First, the Go-Buster attaches their visor onto their Morphin Brace, where a voice says "Set!" (セット! Setto!). Then, they click a switch, causing the visor to ask "Are You Ready?" which makes the BuddyRoid confirm. Finally, the Go-Buster presses both of the transformation buttons on their brace and visor at the same time, which makes the Custom Visor go up and both devices proclaim "Powered Custom, It's Morphin' Time!" (モーフィン!パワードカスタム! イッツモーフィンタイム! Pawādo Kasutatamu! Ittsu Mōfin Taimu!). By shouting "Powered Morphin!" (パワードモーフィン! Pawādo Mōfin!), the Go-Buster clicks the transformation button on their brace, materializing the armor, and completing the transformation.

Enhanced Abilities

Each of the Go-Buster's abilities are enhanced with the Powered Custom forms

  • Red Buster - Teleportation (Hiromu's super speed is enhanced to allow teleportation)
  • Blue Buster - Material Osmosis (Ryuji's super strength is enhanced to allow him to pull material from the earth, even more so after overheating)
  • Yellow Buster - Gliding (Yoko's acrobatics are enhanced to allow her to glide and float)

Finishing Moves

  • Red Buster - Volcanick Attack (ボルカニックアタック Borukanikku Atakku) (Hiromu transforms into a blazing cheetah and rams into the enemy)
    • Volcanick All Busters Attack (ボルカニックオールバスターズアタック Borukanikku Ōru Basutāzu Atakku) - In the final episode, Hiromu's move is enhanced by the other Go-Busters.
  • Blue Buster - Gorillarge Punch (ゴリラージパンチ Gorirāji Panchi) (Ryuji is fitted with Gorisaki's arm and delivers a crushing blow)
  • Yellow Buster - Rapid Kick (ラピッドキック Rapiddo Kikku) (Yoko jumps high into the air and sends a powerful kick to the enemy)



The Lupin Collection.

  • Yoko's finishing move is similar to the Kamen Riders' Rider Kicks.
  • A Custom Visor is seen among the artifacts of the Lupin Collection. Number 1: The Troublemaking Phantom Thief
  • The armor of each Ranger emphasizes certain parts tied to their primary attack methods or finisher:
    • Additional armor around Yellow Buster's legs to emphasize her kicking.
    • Additional armor around Blue Buster's arms to emphasize his strength.
    • Torso armor is similar to the shape of Cheed Nick's head, emphasizing his finishing attack(transforming into a Cheetah like the CB-01's Buster Animal Mode)


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