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G-BO (ジーボ Jībo), short for Generation-robot, is a robot that is under development by Nobuharu's old high school friend Hiroshi Nakazato.

Character History

G-BO was a robot designed and created by the scientist Hiroshi Nakazato. It was designed to be the ultimate assistant to humanity.

However, as the project did not get the top priority at the company Hiroshi worked at, he decided to form a pact with Dogold. The Raging knight created a new chip for G-BO that allowed it to feel emotions, with its main focus on anger. This caused the robot to react every time Hiroshi displayed large amounts of anger, while also increasing the scientist's anger, making him extremely volatile. Hiroshi also forgot his original goal of making a robot that would help humanity. Instead, his enhanced anger made him want to prove his creation is better than everyone else.

Later on, it was revealed Dogold intended G-BO to be his new host, as he lost Utsusemimaru, while Cambrima's only last for one month. Fortunately, Hiroshi came to his senses after a speech by Nobuharu. He sabotaged G-BO when Dogold took it over, which caused Dogold to be stuck with a flawed body, limited to only stiff robotic movements. He quickly decided to abandon G-BO as a host, possessing another Cambrima as a new host.

In the end, Hiroshi decided to start anew with his creation, but this time with the aim to genuinely create a robot that would assist people, realizing that with helping other people, there are no superiors or inferiors.

100 years later, it was revealed Hiroshi successfully achieved his dream of creating the ultimate assistant robot, as commercials advertising G-BO pets are frequently seen. This product is also proven to be popular among children, as a young boy mistakes Minityra to be a G-BO pet, expressing his desire to own this variant as well.


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