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"Error. Error. Error. Error. Error. Erroooorrrr."
―G-BO's final words before it explodes.[src]

G-BO is a clumsy fighting robot owned by Prince Phillip that was stolen and reprogrammed by Sledge's forces.

Character History

G-BO was created to help train Prince Phillip to be a Power Ranger. After fighting the Vivix with the prince controlling him and causing a few problems for the Dino Charge Rangers, Sledge's army steals him and bypasses the remote control to turn him into a villain whose principal goal is to destroy the Power Rangers. After Prince Phillip gained the Graphite Ranger powers upon bonding with the Graphite Energem due to him saving the Black Ranger's younger sister Chloe, G-BO went to fight its former master, and after a long struggle, it was destroyed with a special punch. Rise Of A Ranger


G-BO's personality is similar to that of a real robot, only with a more clumsy edge to it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: G-BO is a highly strong robot, powerful enough to battle all six of the Dino Charge Rangers with ease.
  • Armor: G-BO is well armored and can withstand many direct hits from his enemies.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: G-BO can jump in high distance.
  • Energy Lasers: G-BO can fire light blue energy lasers from his hands.


  • G-BO is the first monster in the Power Rangers Dino Charge series to not be one of Sledge's outlaws, but rather then just a fighting robot that was owned by a Ranger before being reprogramed and turned into a monster.
  • G-BO is the second robot to be corrupted by a villain and is able to turn against the Rangers for a single episode. The first was Alpha 5 in "The Wedding". Unlike Alpha 5 he gets destroyed in the end.
  • G-BO is the first monster in the Power Rangers Dino Charge series to not get enlarged by the Magna Beam and engage in a Megazord battle, although that was at first a similar case with the very first monster of the series, Iceage. He becomes enlarged by the Magna Beam and engages in a Megazord battle in the pilot episode of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge "When Evil Stirs".
  • Never once is the machine referred to as G-BO on screen. Everyone, including Prince Phillip refers to it as a robot.
  • It shares the same name as its counterpart.
  • Unlike in Sentai, G-BO is destroyed and there is no indication that it will ever be rebuilt.

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