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"Extraordinary each and every one of them. Rangers forever!!!"
―Super Legends[src]

Omega Ranger is an unnamed Power Ranger that appears in the non-handheld versions of Power Rangers: Super Legends; in-game, though, he is labeled as Future Omega Ranger. He is the guardian of the Hall of Legends, and refers to himself as "Omega Ranger" only. It is heavily implied that he is the future version of Sam, given how Sam himself has had a time-traveling adventure, under the tutelage of the Guardian of the Hall of Legends, that led to him becoming the new guardian of the Hall of Legends.

The Future Omega Ranger recruited Sam, the original Omega Ranger, along with Doggie Cruger, aka the Shadow Ranger, to battle Icthior who had joined forces with Emperor Gruumm and Lord Zedd.


Meeting Lord Zedd

"You! But you're no longer evil!"
"Not in every timeline, Ranger!"
"You don't say...
―Future Omega and Lord Zedd[src]

Future Omega fights Lord Zedd.

After finding out that there's problems occurring in the timeline, the Future Omega Ranger arrives from a time portal into the source of the problem, there he fights a giant megazord-like robot, slicing it with his sword before going inside it. Once inside the robot he finds a Time Crystal and realizes that's reason for the timestream is messed up, he attempts to destroy the Crystal but is stopped by Lord Zedd. Omega is surprised to see Zedd alive but he still slices the giant Time Crystal managing to shatter a few of his pieces, Zedd later uses what's left of the Crystal to send Omega out of time.

Reaching the Rangers

The other pieces of the Time Crystal that Omega sliced got separated across the timeline and he himself got stuck in a temporal curse that doesn't let him leave the Hall of Legends. When two of the Overdrive Rangers find one of the pieces a time rift opens where Omega appears and informs the duo of the situation, he asks them for help and brings them to the hall as the Crystal piece can only bring two individuals, the three then start looking for other timelines to find more Rangers.

Future Omega meets the original Omega Ranger.

Omega later contacts the the Red and Green Galaxy Rangers and they all realize that Zedd could also start contact other villains from across the timeline. Omega then contacts the Thunder Rangers after they had defeated Choobo. After Zedd recruits Goldar, Omega reaches the Red and Pink Mighty Morphin Rangers so they can stop him. When Zedd make Icthior and Emperor Gruumm join forces the Future Omega Ranger reaches Space Patrol Delta, there he finds both Commander Cruger and Sam, the original Omega Ranger, so that they can stop Icthior.

Saving the Timeline

"Extraordinary, each and every one of them."
―Future Omega on the other Ranger teams[src]

Future Omega sends the Rangers back to their time.

The Future Omega Ranger later arrives with Jason on the planet where Zedd was at and the two defeat his temporal grunts, Zedd then attempts to use his robot to go to the beginning of time and become the ruler of the universe from day one, but Omega stops him with his Delta Command Megazord. When Zedd attempts to escape through a temporal portal he drops the Crystal, leaving him trapped for eons, Omega later thanks the other Rangers for their help and sent them back to their time which would also erase their memories of this adventure.

Future Omega Ranger

Ranger Costume




  • Other than being heavily implied that he may be Omega Ranger from S.P.D. in the Playstation2 and PC games, the Nintendo DS version features a different storyline that ends with him replacing the Guardian of the Hall of Legends.
  • He is very similar to AkaRed from Super Sentai for the following reasons:
    • Both did not appear in a single episode of their respective TV series (Future Omega Ranger with Power Rangers Operation Overdrive and AkaRed with GoGo Sentai Boukenger).
    • Both look like a heavily upgraded/modernized form of a character from their respective franchises (AkaRed looks like Akarenger from Himitsu Sentai Gorenger, and Future Omega Ranger looks like Omega Ranger from Power Rangers S.P.D.).
    • Both appeared in an anniversary season of their respective show, though the difference is that Future Omega Ranger appeared in the Power Rangers anniversary video game, not the anniversary team up episode.
  • He was initially branded as "Super Ranger" prior to the release of the games.
  • His position as the solitary new Guardian of the Hall of Legends, unable to leave its premises, is very similar to that of Sailor Pluto from the earlier Sailor Moon sagas.

See Also

  • Sam - his younger version, as heavily implied but never outright confirmed.
  • AkaRed - a solo Red Ranger in Super Sentai who's also recruited past Rangers.
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