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Futagawara (フタガワラ, Futagawara, 35): Futagawara is a gluttonous Ayakashi who serves under Akumaro, capable of consuming objects with his hands. Sent to the mortal realm, Futagawara eats everything in sight, including Ryunosuke's Shodo Phone. By the time he gets full, Futagawara is killed by Juzo and Dayu in order for Akumaro's plan to complete with the Ayakashi showing his true power. Once in his second life, Futagawara's arms are converted into a two halves of a nearly impenetrable wall with a face whose eyes shoot beams. He manages to withstand DaiKaiShinkenOh's attacks before being destroyed once and for all by SamuraiHaOh, after destroying the wall and then using the Mojikara Great Shot Circle. The appearance of the wall in his second life is the basis of the Nurikabe (塗壁) of Japanese myth.


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