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Furry Warts.

Furry Warts are a furred ball-like soot settling in the roof of Xandred's Junk. They attempt to be annoying by descending from the ceiling of the ship's interior and repeating people's words while giggling.

The Furry Warts in Xandred's ship are revealed to have been partial to Dayu, as some time after Dayu defected, when Xandred kicks one off into a gap to the 'real world' it lands near her and tells her in fully spoken English that it has missed her. This one Furry Wart becomes Dayu's companion. This Furry Wart is still able to tell Dayu what is happening on the ship, despite neither of them being on it at the time. After Dayu's death, this Furry Wart sorrowfully calls her name, and is later crushed underfoot by Xandred.

Master Xandred once tried to teach the Furry Warts to mimic Dayu's Harmonium song, which failed to occur.


  • Two types of Furry Warts appear in Power Rangers Samurai SMASH!. In the game they can float. Orange Furry Warts are common. They come up to the Ranger and barely do anything. Left unattended though, they bite. Yellow Furry Warts have red eyes like the TV versions and float straight across the screen in threes (or on occasion, in pairs). These Furry Warts explode on impact and damage the Ranger. Some Yellow Furry Warts also act as obstacles the Ranger simply must go around. These obstacles cannot be attacked.

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