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The Furnace Monster was a barnacle-themed demon that residented served as a minor antagonist of the episode "Sorcerer of the Sands".


Little known about the Furnace Monster since he is not known to hav encountered the Power Rangers before but died at some point and resided in the Shadow World. The Furnace Monster is among the deceased Demons seen in the Shadow World and is used by Prince Olympius and the Gatekeeper who try to destroy the Power Rangers with him. However, after the Thermo Blasters destroy the Gatekeeper's staff, they lose control of the monsters and Fireor escapes the Shadow World alongside Liztwin's upgraded form and the Furnace Monster at the same time as the Rangers and appear as giants. The Rangers immediately summon the Supertrain Megazord to dispose of them but their fire blasts overwhelm it and Fireor is able to impale it once the Furnace Monster and Liztwin restrain it. The tables turn however when Liztwin and the Furnace Monster advance on the Supertrain head-on, allowing the Megazord to destroy them with the Turbine Super Charge. They go limp and fall onto their sides where they then explode although the Lightspeed Solarzord then has to be used to destroy Fireor.


Little was known about the personality of the Furnace Monster but he was shown to be unpredictable and destructive. He was relentless and tried to destroy the Rangers. Like all monsters in the Shadow World, the Furnace Monster was only capable of speaking in roars and snarls. Even so, he proved to be an excellent team player as he and the three escaped spirits easily overwhelmed the Supertrain Megazord without arguing.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: The Furnace Monster was strong enough to restrain the Supertrain Megazord and hold it in place with Liztwin's help.
  • Dimensional Teleportation: The Furnace Monster was able to teleport to Earth through the Shadow World portal in a streak of purple fire.
  • Self Growth: The Furnace Monster was able to grow into a giant at will without Jinxer's help.
  • Purple Flame Breath: The Furnace Monster could exhale purple colored fire from his mouth.


  • Superhuman Stamina: The Furnace Monster relentlessly attacked without stopping for a rest.


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  • Fists: The Furnace Monster was not shown to have weapons but overwhelmed the Supertrain Megazord with his bare fists.

Behind the Scenes


  • The Furnace Monster didn't have a voice actor as he didn't talk.


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  • The Furnace Monster was not named and his name was fan created.


  • Although the image at the top of the page shows the Furnace Monster on a motorcycle, he was not seen with one at any point in the episode and the image is taken from his original GoGoV appearance.


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