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"Finally! The Quasar Sabers will be mine! Ha ha ha ha ha!"
―Furio's first words on Mirinoi when approaching the Quasar Sabers whilst his Stingwingers attacked people.[src]

"What in the galaxy is this?! Silly costumes won't help against my power!"
―Furio reacting to the newly transformed Galaxy Rangers.[src]

"We are both going down, together!"
―Furio when activating his self-destruct to kill both himself and Leo as well as his final words before his death[src]

Furio was a cyborg general of Scorpius' army and the archenemy of Leo Corbett for causing both the supposed death of his brother and the number of times he tried to kill him. He was the first general of the season and originally the secondary antagonist of the series prior to his death.


He was sent to retrieve the Quasar Sabers on Mirinoi. When Maya and the citizens of Terra Venture (the future Galaxy Power Rangers) reached the Sabers first, he used his sword to turn all the inhabitants of the planet to stone in an attempt to stop their escape. He also used his sword to open a chasm that caused Mike to fall in. Furio returned to the Scorpion Stinger as it followed the Rangers back to their galaxy. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Quasar Quest

When Furio learned that the powerful Lights of Orion were hidden in the Forest Dome of Terra Venture, he used Mutantrum to disguise himself as Mike to trick Leo into getting into the cavern. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Lights of Orion

When Scorpius was tired of his failures, Furio fled and encountered Leo. Deciding that he would take the Red Galaxy Ranger down together with him, Furio charged himself up to self-destruct. Furio was destroyed, but Leo survived the blast, having been saved by Magna Defender. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Magna Defender


Furio is an immensely aggressive and destructive monster who has no qualms about sentencing an entire planet to basic death through petrification. However, he holds a grudge against anyone who defeats him which proved to be his undoing.

Powers and Abilities


  • Petrification Immunity-Furio was shown to be immune to his own stone wave powers whereas the Mirinoans and even the Rangers were not.
  • Lightning Blasts-Furio can fire red lightning from his hands which was strong enough to destroy buildings, send Leo flying with one blast, and when combined with the Radster's pistol, forced the GSA Soldiers attacking them to retreat. He can also channel red lightning into his sword for several devastating attacks.
  • Self-Destruction-Furio's most dangerous attack where he charges himself up with more red lightning than his body can bear and detonate in a massive explosion. This would kill both him and anyone around him and was shown to be powerful enough to collapse the cave he and Leo were fighting in.


  • Strength-Furio is a strong individual, easily overpowering all five Ranges and Leo in combat and throwing the Mirinoi Elder to the ground with one arm.
  • Durability-Furio has very thick skin that allowed him to survive a fully energized slash from Leo's Quasar Saber without getting a scratch.
  • Hand to Hand Combat-In the episode "Quasar Quest-part II", he easily overwhelmed Leo and threw him all over the place. It took the fully charged Quasar Saber to force his retreat.
  • Skilled Weapon Combatant-Furio is very good with his sword, easily matching and overwhelming Leo in combat during their first few encounters.


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Furio’s Sword

  • Sword: Furio wields a massive, wide sword that he can use to hack and slash his enemies.
    • Stone Wave Generation-Furio's most powerful ability where he charges up the blade of his sword with red electricity and then stabs it into the ground. A large grey wave would then spread from its point of origin, engulfing all human and plant life on the planet and turning them into stone statues. As shown in the finale, this ability would remain even if Furio himself was destroyed.
    • Crevice Opening-Furio can also charge up his sword with red lightning and slam it into the ground with enough force to open a massive crevice in the ground. This was the same crevice that Mike supposedly fell to his death within.


Behind the Scenes



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  • Even though Furio was a Power Rangers Lost Galaxy villain, his suit comes from Denji Sentai Megaranger, not Seijuu Sentai Gingaman. In Megaranger, the suit was used as the monster form for the final villain.
    • Furio was also the first villain whose Sentai villain counterpart has no connection to the Sentai show counterpart (Gingaman). Furio's costume was modified since originally being used in Megaranger where the hair was a much more brighter shade of yellow and the right arm was slightly retooled upon removing the whip portion.
  • Furio is technically the first character in the Power Rangers franchise to commit suicide (albeit in an attempt to kill a Ranger). This has yet to be repeated.
  • Despite being Leo's archenemy, he only actually fights Leo four times. The first was when they first met in Quasar Quest-part II", the second was attacking him in Rookie in Red, the third was after the reveal of Mutantrum in the episode "The Lights of Orion", and the last was in the episode "The Magna Defender" which killed him.
  • Furio's role in the Lost Galaxy story mirrors Gingaman villain Sambash (whose costume was used for a very different character named Villamax).
    • It is believed that, because Sambash often used realistic guns in Gingaman, Saban improvised by using Dr. Hinelar's 2nd form as a replacement.
      • Even though Sambash's costume was used for Vilamax, no Sentai footage of him was used at any point for this reason.
  • In some ways, Furio resembles Tankenstein.
    • This is due to the fact that Furio was originally the monster form of Megaranger's main villain while Tankenstein's counterpart was the mecha he piloted.
  • Furio is also one of the few serious villains to wear something unusual, in the episode "The Lights of Orion", he wore a magician's cape and hat when presenting Trakeena's new insectoid battle form.


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