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Fu Clan Ninja Ijin is a ninja who formerly served the Underground Kingdom under its previous royalty prior to the rise of Earth Emperor Zeba.

Character History

Ijin previously resided underground in the kingdom ruled by the previous rulers, being a teacher of Igam as a child in teaching her the means of combat. After Zeba rose to power and the king and queen of the underground were killed, Ijin fled to the surface with his wife and daughter Yu, but were eventually pursued by Zora Doggler, who eventually killed his wife. Ijin was forced to remain in hiding with his daughter, but knew about the various secrets brought to the surface that would reveal Zeba for who it really was and not as the fake ruler that it believed itself to be.

When the crown of the former underground queen is discovered on the surface, Ijin has his daughter Yu take it, but exposes both of them to the Tube forces by doing so. When Kenta and Maskman help Yu protect the crown, Baraba captures him and takes him hostage, in nhopes that she and Maskman would turn the crown over to them in his stead. Yu tries to offer the crown but Ijin retakes it, using it to begin a message from the queen to reveal Zeba's secret. However before it could complete, Zora Doggler destroys the message. In his anger, Ijin attacks the Doggler, ultimately sacrificing himself in order for Maskman to destroy the Doggler that killed his wife and to protect his daughter's safety.


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Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes



  • Ijin is not the first time Daisuke Ban portrayed a ninja in a tokusatsu, having portrayed Daisuke Izumo/Fire Captor-7 in the Toei tokusatsu Ninja Captor ten years prior.


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