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Frog Evo (カエルシンカ Kaerushinka, 13) is the frog-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Frog Shinka is utilized in a plot by Jashinka to abduct seven brides from their wedding ceremonies; it attacks chapels near sources of water where it can dive, then hides them in a grotto beneath a lake where they hope to hold a special ceremony to awaken a power at a precise time that would be beneficial to Emperor Aton. When the Dynaman catch on to the Evolution Beast's patterns, Rei disguises herself as a bride for her to be the seventh for the plot, while using her DynaBrace to allow the male Dynaman to track her down and find the Evolution Beast and Chimera before their ceremony is complete. When Frog Shinka begins the ceremony, Rei stabs her foot with her high-heel so she would not fall for its hypnosis and uses her wedding outfit and her own sword to fight back against the creature once she is within close attack range.

The other Dynaman ultimately catch up and confront Frog Shinka, with DynaPink personally taking it on with all of her weapons and attacks before it is struck with Super Dynamite. After undergoing Big Bang Progress, Frog Shinka tries to use its hypnosis to weaken Dyna Robo, hitting DynaBlue until his cockpit partner DynaBlack knocks him out of it. The team uses a reflection attack to prevent the Evolution Beast from using its hypnosis any further and weaken it enough to strike with Lightning Gravity Fall.


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Modus and Arsenal

Frog Evo has a long sticky tongue that can capture and wrap around an opponent, which can also be used to deliver an electric shock and split into five tongues. It can also cause hypnosis through its swirly eyes, making anyone who falls under it believe whatever commands it gives. In terms of weapons it is armed with a chain and a cutlass. Its other abilities are high jumping, explosive eye flashes, choking gas from the nose, and size changing.


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Behind the Scenes

  • In the US Dynaman parody dub, Frog Shinka was renamed "Lucky Pierre".


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