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"Who invited you?"
―Frightwing after seeing Silver Ranger[src]

Frightwing was a condor monster used by Astronema. Frightwing mistook Bulk, Skull and Professor Phenomenus for the Power Rangers, who he was sent to destroy by Astronema. He was capable of flight, he was enlarged and destroyed by Mega Voyager.

Powers and Abilities

With his powers Frightwing is one of the strongest monsters the Rangers have fought.

  • Flight: He has the capability to flying at great speed.
  • Strength: He can take on the all the Rangers with no sweat.
  • Durability: Frightwing has tough skin that makes it hard for him to feel any attack by the Rangers.
  • Chain Summon: He can summon chains from the ground, and use them to ambush the Mega Voyager.
  • Mouth Lasers: Frightwing can fire yellow energy lasers from his mouth.

Behind the Scenes



Frightwing in storage

  • He is the first monster to fight against the Mega Winger, as well as also be destroyed by the Winged Mega Voyager.
  • He is Tony Oliver’s first speaking voice over since Saba (other than Leonardo in Shell Shocked and Crocovile in The Delta Discovery since he provided the voice effect) and final time, until Klawox in Time Force.

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