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After his last battle with Dai Shi, RJ has a major problems controlling his Wolf Animal Spirit. He turns into a werewolf and becomes a big threat to anyone around him. RJ learns to lean on his friends and not run away from them when he has a problem. In the evil temple , Dai Shi is overthrown as Grizzaka refuses to take orders from any human. RJ becomes the Violet Wolf Ranger!



  • Debut of RJ as the Wolf Ranger, as well as the first appearance of his Wolf Zord.
  • Final appearance of the Jungle Pride Megazord in its standard configuration, as it is replaced by the Wolf Pride Megazord (which is identical, except the Cheetah Zord is replaced by RJ's Wolf Zord).
  • This is the longest time in episodes count, a 4th or 6th ranger appears in a series. Making the Jungle Fury team the only group of 3 rangers to act on their on for 15 episodes.
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