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"You dare to challenge me with your colorful costumes?"
―Fridgia's last words to Power Rangers.[src]

Fridgia is a monster who appears in Drawn into Danger, in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

Character History

Fridgia is a fem

Fridgia's In Comic World

ale ice-elemental monster made inside a comicbook world which it was drawn by Carson Brady, a famous comicbook artist, Fridgia lives in her frozen kingdom. Four of the Power Rangers are drawn into the comicbook by Carson, and are taken down by Fridgia for invading her kingdom. Fridgia is about to punish the Rangers by destroying them, when the White Ranger shows up to even up the score. The Power Rangers are able to take down Fridgia, but when they are released from the comicbook world, so is she. Taken away from her world, Fridgia plans to make this world her frozen kingdom, but not before the Triassic Ranger tosses her around and obliterates her body with the Battlizer's battle blast, destroying her.

Powers and Abilities

  • Teleportation: She can teleportation in any place.
  • Blast Beam: She can blast explosive beams.
  • Superhuman Resistance: She has high resistance into the attacks.
  • Superhuman Strength: She has strength in her attacks.
  • Waves: She can blast explosive waves. 


  • It is worthy to note that Fridgia is the most innocent of all the monsters in Dino Thunder, as she only wanted to destroy the rangers for "invading" her kingdom. When she enters into the real world, the rangers have no choice but to destroy her. She is also the only monster in the season not to grow into a giant form, as she was a comicbook character and not associated with Mesogog.
  • Fridgia is one of the few monsters in Power Rangers whose Sentai Counterpart is a major villain. She shares this similarity with Mondo the Magician, Goldgoyle, and Tankenstein.
  • She is the second ice-themed monster in PR. The first is Icy Angel.

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