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"What is it exactly you want?"
―Fresno Bob asks Doctor K[src]
Fresno Bob

Fresno Bob

Fresno Bob is the leader of the Scorpion Cartel, who is known as a criminal to both the Rangers and Colonel Truman, but manages to remain free.

Pre-Venjix Attack

Before the Venjix attacked, he was unsure of newcomer Ziggy, who failed his driver's test multiple times before they were forced to head to Corinth where Fresno Bob kept running his gang inside along with 4 other cartels.

Post-Venjix Attack

He later gave Ziggy one more chance to prove himself by driving a truck to his destination, but when a blown tire forces Ziggy to look at the truck's contents: $5,000,000 worth of medical supplies. After Ziggy gave it to the orphanage, Fresno Bob thinks Ziggy stole it for himself and any chance he notices Ziggy, he would have all cartels 'ghost' him. He first tried when Ziggy was given the job of looking for a suitable candidate for the Green RPM Ranger, but is stopped by Tenaya before they could get the chance. He was later questioned by Dillon and Summer Landsdown about Ziggy when he was detained, questioned and suspected of working for him and told them about how Ziggy took the truck, never knowing the truth. He had his men bail Ziggy out of jail so they could try to ghost him along with the other cartels, but was thwarted by Doctor K. Later on, they tried to get Ziggy as he was walking one day, but he morphed into the Green Ranger and teleported away. Fresno Bob later made a deal with Tenaya 15 that if Fresno Bob, who knows all truck drivers in Corinth deliver her an important component, she'll hand him Ziggy. The deal goes south and Tenaya tries to take down Fresno Bob, who is saved by Ziggy before being escorted by him into his limo and takes off. Grateful for being saved by his assumed thief, Fresno decides to let Ziggy off the hook and call them even, still not knowing the answer to the $5,000,000 question and warns Ziggy when he gives him a nickname. It is unknown if Fresno Bob is also a hybrid. He is portrayed by John Sumner.


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