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"OOH, yeah, I'm good! Three Rangers flash-frozen like mixed vegetables. Hm hm hm he he he!"
―Freezer Org's first lines after freezing Cole, Max and Danny, the Rangers.[src]

"Cool it!"
―Freezer Org after being enlarged by Toxica[src]

"Got you right where I want you."
―Freezer Org's final words before sacrificing himself to freeze the Kongazord.[src]

Freezer Org is (as his name applies) a freezer-themed Org who is one of the primary villains of the three-part Soul Bird story arc episode. He is the final Org of that story arc and the tertiary antagonist of the episode "Soul Bird Salvation", the final part of the Soul Bird story arc.


After Retinax (Master Org's bodyguard) has easily taken out the Wild Force Power Rangers, Toxica and Jindrax introduce him to the Freezer Org, an Org that can freeze his enemies with his ice mist. After attempting to blasts the Rangers with icy mist only for it to miss and instead blast a tree, Freezer Org took the fight on the Rangers.

While Toxica took on Alyssa and Jindrax took on Taylor, Freezer Org took on both Cole, Max and Danny. He had the upper hand and was able to freeze them with his icy mist and then walks over the now frozen Rangers and mocks them, but it was actually a trick for the Red Ranger to able to hold him down so the Black and Blue Rangers can get clean hits on the Org, and for the Red Ranger to break free and land hard hitting blows on the monster. With the Org weakened, the Red Ranger was able to destroy Freezer Org with the Lion Blaster Gatling Mode and Cannon Mode.

Toxica revived him as a giant, and the Rangers summoned the Gorilla Wildzord to take on the Org. The Zord was easily able to overpower Freezer Org and the Rangers then formed the Kongazord, During the fight, the Kongazord was able to grab the Org, but it was a trap for Freezer Org to use his Icy Grip and start to deep freeze the Rangers and the Kongazord, while destroying himself as a result. Before Freezer Org explodes, Retinax shouts to Freezer Org that his sacrifice will be remembered. As a result of the deep freeze, the Growl Phones were frozen as well. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Soul Bird Salvation

Freezer Org's spirit was among the six Org Spirits that Master Org used to create the powerful Tombstone Org. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sing Song


Freezer Org was loud and took great pleasure in freezing things with his icy mist. But he is loyal to Retinax, Jindrax and Toxica.

Powers and Abilities


  • Forehead Icy Mist: By opening up a compartment on his forehead, Freezer Org can fire an icy mist at his enemies.


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  • Claws: Freezer Org has claws for combat.
    • Icy Grip: Freezer Org's strongest but dangerous ability where he grabs a victim with his claws and freeze himself to freeze his enemy. While using this attack will freeze and destroy himself, it will cause an icy mist to be fired from around his body that is so cold, it is powerful enough to freeze the entire Kongazord and the Rangers' Morphers.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Freezer Org is the first and only Org to be destroyed, not by the Rangers, but by himself. He is one of the very few villains in the series to sacrifice themselves.
  • Since Freezer Org was able to freeze the Kongazord completely, the Polar Bear Wildzord failed to represent ice.


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