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"Ah! Hate, there's a subject I know very well indeed. Humans rejected your father and taught him to hate, then he destroyed me, and soon I was filled with hatred as well. It's a vicious cycle that never ends, Nadira!"
―Frax explaining his reason for hating Ransik to Nadira, and explaining why humans and Mutants have been hating each other for far too long.[src]

"Nadira, wait! Wait, I was wrong! You don't have to hate. You can-you can break the cycle of hatred. Never give up! Never give up! Don't give up!"
―Frax when being taken away to be reconditioned.

Frax was a cyborg who served as the secondary antagonist of Power Rangers Time Force.

Originally the human roboticist Dr. Louis Fericks, he developed the Cyclobot technology but was secretly a polymath, carrying out ground-breaking experiments in genetics, toxinology and synthetic life. Though human, he may have originally been from another planet.[1]



Frax was once Dr. Louis Fericks, a human scientist from the year 3000 who was a technical genius. He created both the Cyclobots and later a cure for the poison Venomark intended to kill Ransik with. Fericks showed kindness towards Ransik, but in return, Ransik blew up Dr. Fericks' lab, with him still inside and stole all his Cyclobot technology and serum. The said Cyclobots would go on to become his foot soldiers he would use against Time Force. Unbeknowst to Ransik however, Ferricks survived the explosion, but gravely injured, he saw only one chance of survival and utilized the remaining technology in his lab to rebuild his entire body into a robot – becoming Frax.

It is unknown how Frax later joined forces with Ransik and became his number-one ally. On the outside he was seemingly a loyal servant to Ransik, whom he called "Master", but in reality, Frax harbors deep resentment against Ransik for the things he did to him in the past. Frax was also treated as a vermin by Ransik, along with all the other robots for being "completely useless". Frax swore that one day he would get revenge. Given to his manipulative side however, it appeared that he did, tricked the mutant to recruit him so he can both handle his stolen Cyclobots and have the opportunity to exact his said revenge (both for nearly killing him and abusing his creations) when the time comes.


Frax is first seen with Nadira when he led an attack on the van where Ransik was being held whilst getting transported to be frozen. They successfully break Ransik out and Frax accompanies him to the year 2001. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Force from the Future

Later in the series, Frax uses some stolen Trizyrium powder to synthesize a Trizyrium Crystal and uses it to power up Tronicon, a Robot which Frax created in secret, but after causing much chaos, Tronicon is destroyed by the new Time Shadow Megazord and Frax has to answer to Ransik. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Time Shadow

Soon after, Frax discovers the X-Vault, where the worst prisoners are contained. He releases many of them without Ransik's approval, including Venomark (an action that particularly angers Ransik due to their past history). As a form of revenge, he destroys all of his serum and runs away from Ransik, after revealing who he really was. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Frax's Fury

Frax goes into hiding and takes up residence at a large compound in the city where he begins constructing massive robots fueled by powerful Trizyrium Crystals from Mr. Collins' lab. He plots to destroy Ransik, take over the city and make Robots the most superior beings. He first constructs Dragontron, which he sends to destroy the Time Force Rangers and capture the city for him, and it proves to be quite difficult for the Rangers to destroy, but eventually, Dragontron falls to the Time Force Megazord with help from the Q-Rex, forcing Frax to make new plans to conquer the city. During the fight with Dragontron, Frax creates a siphon to drain the energy from the Megazords and nearly kills the Rangers (led by Alex instead of Wes Collins) after Alex's single-minded determination to destroy the siphon keeps him from taking down Frax when he is defeated, but is defeated by Wes with his siphon being destroyed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destiny Defeated

Frax also tries to convert humans into Cyclobots with a fitness liquid and a mutant (it is unknown how he got the mutant), but after these plans fail, Frax later constructs the robot Max Axe and finally his most powerful Trizyrium crystal-powered creation, Doomtron. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Calm Before the Storm

Frax dies a tragic, painful death.

In the finale, Frax is caught by Ransik with the aid of Gluto. Ransik then steals Doomtron and imprisons Frax. Nadira, Ransik's daughter, comes to him after she begins to doubt her father's mission. Frax explains that the hatred and prejudice between humans and mutants is a vicious cycle, which also consumed him. Nadira claims that she no longer feels that, but Frax mocks her sudden change of heart until she apologizes for what her father did to him, even calling him by his real name. Realizing that she has truly changed, Frax tells her that she doesn't need to hate and can end the cycle as he is dragged away.

He is then reprogrammed to obey only Ransik and to use Doomtron to destroy his enemies, evidently losing all memories of his life as a human. Frax enters Doomtron at Ransik's command and he activates the robot, the two becoming one. Frax/Doomtron goes on to wreak havoc in the city and creates huge vortexes which suck up the city buildings. He beats most of the Megazords but the Q-Rex's Trizirium crystal is neutralized and the Time Force Rangers are able to use the Quantasaurus Rex's lasers to destroy the Trizyrium Crystal within Frax and ultimately destroy Doomtron, sealing all the vortexes in the sky.

Ransik and Nadira find Frax afterwards. Ransik kicks at the dying Frax and calls him useless for getting Doomtron destroyed. Frax's face falls apart and he lays his hand down as he succumbs to his wounds moaning. With Frax dead, Nadira mourns him briefly for which her father scolds her, but quickly forgets him when she sees a baby in need. Since he manages to redeem himself by encouraging Nadira to reform, not to mention that he regains the last vestiges of his humanity, it is assumed that he finally is able to rest in peace. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The End of Time


In another reality, Dr Louie Ferricks was a leading scientist in Time Force itself directly responsible for the technology that allowed it to exist. However, his experiments were so dangerous that any mistakes or meltdowns could be catastrophic so they built an entire base for his experiments outside of time (Outpost One) where he can perform them without worrying about greater fallout. After completing these experiments, Ferricks' original attack by Ransik, subsequent transformation into Frax and miserable death came into effect. However, unlike the original timeline, his "son" (robotic creation from the same technology he used to become Frax) named Frix tried to avenge his "father" by undoing time itself.


When still a human, Frax was once a kind-hearted doctor who is willing to save those who are in need, as he's willing to save Ransik who was dying from Venomark's poison, despite him being a mutant. Unfortunately, instead of being grateful with his help, Ransik, who was already consumed with hatred toward humans too much, heavily wounded him and left him to die after laying waste his lab. The ungrateful actions are what angered Fericks and filled him with hatred, and that rage remained for a very long time.

As Frax, he is a cruel, wicked, treacherous, narcissistic, manipulative and pitiless robot and is ready to kill and betray for completing his goals, and always does it all with a psychotic laugh. In spite of his loyalty with Ransik (which was actually the ruse), Frax was resentful toward him for treating him like a vermin as much as robots in general. In fact, no matter what he and his creations did, Ransik won’t treat them with respect, as shown when the mutant destroyed some of his Cyclobots simply to release his stress. But Frax is not above being impatient, as he was cunning, calm, and manipulative, given that he is biding his time and prepared so he would gain the upper hand during his betrayal and kept his rage unnoticed by those around him up until he went rogue, and as a result, becoming insane, misanthropic, violent, sadistic, and showing no remorse for attacking humanity or the Power Rangers.

When Nadira apologizes for what her father had done to him, and even addresses him by his real name, a part of him that is still the kind Dr. Fericks resurfaces. Realizing that there is still hope for her, he decides to help her to turn over a new leaf. With the last vestiges of his spirit, as Dr Fericks and not Frax, he admits his errors and reminds Nadira that she does not need to hate and she can break the cycle of hatred between humans and mutants. His final words as Dr. Fericks is both a remorseful pleading and an encouragement to Nadira not to give up.

After Ransik had him lobotomized, Frax was reduced into a mindless drone who blindly obeyed Ransik's commands without a question with no recollection of his past life and also became far more ruthless in his pursuit against the Rangers.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Frax could teleport to any location at will.
  • Mouth Laser: Frax could shoot out red or yellow energy lasers from his mouth.


  • Strength: Being one of the main villains, Frax was stronger than any ordinary Mutant monster.
  • Durability: Frax had thick metal skin that allowed him to withstand attacks.
  • Communication: Frax could freely communicate with others.
  • Cyclobots Summoning: Frax could summon an army of his Cyclobots at will.
  • Skilled Scientist and Technical Genius: Frax was skilled in science and making robots.
  • Expert Combatant: Frax was an expert in fighting his opponents in combat.


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  • Triple Pincer Claw: Frax possessed three pincer-like claws on his left arm to hack and slash his enemies.
    • Hand Blaster Transformation: Frax could turn his claws into a hand-shaped blaster.
      • Missile Blasts: Frax could fire missiles from his blaster capable of taking down all five Rangers with one hit.
      • Energy Beams: Frax could also fire yellow energy beams from his blaster but they were deflected by Wes.
      • Energy Bullets: Frax was also able to fire red energy bullets from his blaster capable of taking down Wes with one hit.

X-Vault Criminals


Behind the Scenes



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  • Though Ferricks was credited with creating the serum that counteracted Venomark's venom in "Frax's Fury", "Dawn Of Destiny" indicates that the serum was created 200 years after 2001. This was likely a plothole, with no explanation for the discrepancy existing.
    • However, it could be that Ferricks adapted a universal cure for illness to counteract Venomark venom. though that cure was not as strong as the original antidote given that Ransik must drink the serum regularly to keep venom in his body at bay before consume the better serum that Wes had his father manufactured from remains of it.
  • It is unknown why Ransik either failed to recognize Frax's Cyclobots as the robots created by Ferricks or else didn't concern himself with it.
    • The possible explanation of this was Ransik did steal the Cyclobots from Ferricks' lab as he left the doctor to die in prison, right before meeting Frax for the first time, where Frax manipulate him to enlist him in his forces so he eventually revealed his true identity and exact his revenge when the time comes.
  • Whereas humans who tried to help Ransik were simply driven away by the mutant, according to Jen, Ferick suffered the worst fate as Ransik murdered him in cold blood.
  • Frax was the second character that turned "good" but then got reprogrammed to evil and destroyed, the first being Ecliptor.
    • Frax is one of the few PR villains to be a tragic villain. Frax would enact his cycle of revenge after Ransik nearly killed him as Dr. Ferricks and destroying his lab by secretly manipulating Ransik to further his quest for revenge. When Nadira found out the truth, Frax eventually realized the error of his ways but way too late as he was about to be reprogrammed by Ransik, telling Nadira to break the cycle of hatred.
  • Frax was similar to Quval from Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger sixteen years later in the sense that they both had a grudge against the respective main villains of their shows.
    • The only difference was that Frax more outright shows his grudge and is more redeemable than Quval since Quval was still a complete irredeemable psychopath.


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  1. Ransik sends out Frax, his alien robot, to carry out his evil plans. -Power Rangers Time Force: Time to Save the World, 2001, Dalmatian Press
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