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Frankenstein Monster served as the main antagonist of the episode "Life's a Masquerade".


Finster creates this monster to infiltrate the Halloween party at the Youth Center after Rita finds a new special clay for Finster to create more powerful monsters and Putties. He blends in with the crowd at the costume party in the Youth Center in an attempt to seek out the Rangers but soon goes berserk and ends up throwing Sharkie into Bulk and Skull once she tries to flirt with him.

As the patrons are surprised by the monster's outburst, the Frankenstein Monster retreats back to the caves where Rita and her flunkies are digging for the Super Putty. However, Billy becomes suspicious of the monster and follows him back to the cave only for the monster to ambush him in the caves and force a battle. The Frankenstein Monster pulls out the bolts from his neck which are connected by a chain and blocks a Blade Blaster attack from Billy before tossing him down before smacking him down with the bolt when he recovers and then throwing them at him to wipe him out after recovering for a third time. Once Rita flies out of the cavern on the giant ball of Super Putty, Billy withdraws to get help whilst the Frankenstein Monster leaves the caves and goes on a rampage.

A while later, the Rangers (sans Tommy who is fighting the Putty Patrol outside the Youth Center) morph and confront the Frankenstein Monster with their Power Weapons. The Frankenstein Monster leaps straight at them and knocks aside Jason's Power Sword and Billy's Power Lance. Kimberly tries to take him down with Power Bow arrows but he deflects them and takes her, Billy and Trini down.

Impressed with her monster, Rita throws her wand and makes the Frankenstein Monster grow which also equips him with a prisoner ball and chain. The Rangers summon the Megazord but it gets smashed in the chest by the Frankenstein Monster and then ducked before a smack to the crotch knocks it back further. Jason summons the Power Sword but even that bounces straight off of the monster's chest and he blocks the follow-up swing and kicks it away before smacking the Megazord back again. Getting his ball and chain around the Megazord's neck, he comically begins slamming it up and down against the ground before picking it up above his head and twirling it around in a big circle right before tossing it straight through a building.

Meanwhile. Tommy mops up the last of the Putties and joins the battle with his Dragonzord which allows the Rangers to temporarily get the upper hand on the outnumbered the Frankenstein Monster but his strength quickly turns the tables again. Tommy attempts the Dragonzord's tail whip but the Frankenstein Monster grabs the Zord's tail mid-swing and picks it up before smacking the Megazord with it and tossing the Dragonzord down with it.

The Frankenstein Monster then chokes them with some mist before using his chained bolts to slap them back only for the Rangers to regroup and form the Dragonzord in Battle Mode. The monster jumps at them and double punches it back and shrugs off two punches to the chest before slamming it back. The Dragonzord Battle Mode then fires its head fin at him but he throws it back with devastating effort. However, his fatal mistake comes when he charges straight at the Dragonzord Battle Mode immediately after which allows them to finish him off by using the Power Staff to impale him straight through the stomach. The Frankenstein Monster can only stand there aghast with cracks appearing all over his body before being torn apart.


Tommy later showed up to the party dressed as the monster but Rita's plan was ultimately successful in getting the Super Putty and creating her Super Putty Patrollers which led to the Power Rangers' introduction to Titanus who would prove instrumental in forming the Ultrazord.


The Frankenstein Monster was a brutal, barbaric and unintelligent monster. He was shown to carry out the mission which Rita gave him but he was not very bright. He was shown in a comedic way in the episode. However despite this he seemed to be a good strategist when it came to fighting the Rangers and the Megazord and the Dragonzord and was intensely loyal to Rita.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mist Spray: The Frankenstein Monster could fire a large cloud of red mist out of his mouth to choke the Rangers.


  • Strength: The Frankenstein Monster could knock Rangers down with single punches and wield the Dragonzord like a club by holding its tail, It reached the extent that he could pick up the Megazord by pulling on his chain around its neck and even twirl it around and toss it down with his bare hands, pick up and swing around the Dragonzord and throw back the Dragonzord Battle Mode's head thin with minimal effort.
    • Super Throw: The Frankenstein Monster's strength allowed him to throw his neck bolts at his enemies with impressive force, taking down Billy with one hit and striking back the Megazord and Dragonzord back with one throw.
  • Durability: The Frankenstein Monster was able to survive nearly every attack the Rangers threw at him to the point that the Power Sword bounced right off of his chest.
  • Expert Fighter: The Frankenstein Monster was able to take on and fight off five Rangers at once even with their Power Weapons as well as the Megazord and its Power Sword.
  • Super Jump: The Frankenstein Monster was able to jump several meters in the air to launch his initial attack on the Dragonzord Battle Mode.


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  • Chain and Ball: The Frankenstein Monster's main weapon was a chain and a meteor hammer-like weapon and a spiked ball chain.
  • Bolts: The Frankenstein Monster could withdraw the bolts from his neck, which were connected by a chain, which he could twirl and throw at his enemies.
  • Dragonzord: At one point, the Frankenstein Monster picked the Dragonzord up by its tail and slammed it into the Megazord.

Behind the Scenes


  • The Frankenstein Monster was voiced by Tom Wyner. His actual form is played by Maroshi Tamura via Sentai stock footage and Jason David Frank via original footage.


  • He is based on the monster from Mary Shelley's 1818 novel "Frankenstein". More specifically, his design is based on the famous Boris Karloff iteration from the acclaimed and influential 1931 film adaptation.


  • His name is a direct reference to the monster from Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein".


  • In the original Japanese episode, he transforms into Mutitus after getting struck by the Dragonzord Battle Mode's staff instead of blowing up and then teleporting away. Footage of his transformation was replaced with footage of an explosion to make it look like he was destroyed.
  • The Frankenstein Monster made an appearance in the following episode during a meeting of Rita's gang despite having been destroyed previously.


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