This article is about a/an army of footsoldiers in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

The Foxbots are fox-like warriors with ninja clothing and swords. They are more powerful than Kudabots and Basherbots and belong to the Galactic Ninjas.

Character History

They were seen on the Galaxy Warriors stage and aided Wolvermean in battle against the Ninja Steel Rangers but were been destroyed.Attack of the Galactic Ninjas

One of them brought out Speedwing’s Medallion for him.The Need for Speed

The same brought out Rygore's medallion for him. Four of them accompanied Badonna and Venoma when Venoma is forced to give her medallion up. Odius then uses a spell to fuse the four Foxbots into her personal Megazord Foxatron.

What happened with the rest of the Foxbots after the Galactic Ninjas' demise is unknown but it's likely they were decommissioned or destroyed.Caught Red-Handed



  • Sword: They wield swords in battle.
  • Ninja Skills: They are quite skilled fighters, and know some ninja skills.


  • Just like Madame Odius, they donned a kitsune mask, albeit a fully formed one that lacked the mouth piece.
  • The Foxbots do not appear after "Caught Red-Handed", meaning that the four of them used to create Foxatron were the last of their kind.
  • Despite being foot soldiers, they only went to battle in two episodes.

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