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Fox Evo (キツネシンカ Kitsuneshinka, 24) is a fox-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Fox Evo was used to disguise himself as Professor Shiina, a scientist at a space research laboratory, in order to gain access to a guidance device that would lead to a comet to be lead away from its interstellar orbit onto a collision course with Earth. Hoshikawa discovers him at the lab where he was working when he turned away his own daughter, leading to the ninja to have multiple showdowns with it, first with it fooling him into believing he was other Dynamen, then becoming Hoshikawa himself to trick the other Dynaman that he was Hoshikawa and the other was the fake in order to get away leaving DynaBlack to be beaten up.

Eventually when returning to the lab, Hoshikawa roots out Fox Evo and destroys the guidance device to prevnet the comet's approach. When the Evolution Beast becomes DynaYellow temporarily, he uses a tactic of explosive aburaage to lure him and then attack him to expose the enemy. After taking a massive shot from DynaRods, it is weakened by Super Dynamite. After undergoing Big Bang Progress, Fox Evo becomes DynaRobo to even its abilities, but the Dynaman split off their mecha into its three components to weaken it without confusion and any means of transformation prior to defeating it with Lightning Gravity Fall.


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Modus and Arsenal

Fox Evo has an ability to transform and copy anyone's appearance, making it useful for stealth operation; it even has the power to become DynaRobo; however if spotted its tail will pop out from beneath its disguise. It also has the ability to create powerful illusions to elude opponents, teleport, create psychic explosions, turn invisible, and change its size.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Fox Evo's abilities and its tendencies to confuse by becoming a Jun'ichi Haruta character is similar to that of Tanuki Mozoo from the previous season.
  • While based on the actual animal of a fox, Fox Evo is likewise influenced by the Kitsune, a yokai connected to foxes.


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