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"Good goose feathers! "
―Birdie's catchphrase.[src]

Fowler Birdie is the retired Supreme Commander of S.P.D. and once Anubis "Doggy Cruger's superior.


Fowler Birdie is first introduced when he comes to Earth to assess the efficiency of their branch of S.P.D.. Due to the B-Squad Rangers' (in his opinion) poor way of defeating Invador however, he relieves Commander Cruger of his duties when Cruger refuses to cater his strategy to Birdie's liking. He takes control of Earth's S.P.D. until he is challenged to personally fight Emperor Gruumm but is defeated though he is rescued by Cruger. Afterwards, Gruumm admits that Earth is prepared and departs for S.P.D. headquarters. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Dismissed

When Morgana, Shorty and Devastation attack Earth and decimate the Power Rangers, they make contact with Fowler Birdie via hologram transmission. However, as he fears depleting HQ forces will lead them into Gruumm's trap, he is unable to send backup. Fortunately for S.P.D., the Omega Ranger is able to arrive and save the Earth from complete conquering. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Messenger

Fowler Birdie comes to the Delta Base offer Kat Manx a job at S.P.D. Headquarters as Chief of Technology. However, she refuses eventually due to S.P.D. on Earth needing her assistance so he gives her a special temporary Morpher to bring in Professor Mooney before leaving. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Katastrophe

Birdie is among the S.P.D. reinforcements to assist in the final battle against the Troobian Empire, apparently having decided to go into battle himself. He is within the Delta Base's control room when the S.W.A.T. Megazord kills Omni and is outside to witness Doggie Cruger finally arrest Gruumm. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Endings

As Bridge Carson is one of the Rangers recruited by the Sentinel Knight to join the Retro Rangers, Bridge reveals that Birdie was Supreme Commander for two additional years before he retired and moved to Miami to lead a solitary life. Cruger was chosen to succeed Birdie as Supreme Commander whilst Sky became the commander of Earth Base. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Once a Ranger


Birdie has a very harsh and commanding personality and is quick to squawk orders without a second thought. He thought little of the B-Squad and would send them on separate missions. He even talked of having them replaced (for presumed incompetence) just as he replaced Cruger. Unfortunately, his strategies end up nearly getting the Rangers killed if it were not for Gruumm pulling out when he had the chance to kill them.

Powers and Abilities


  • Durability: Fowler Birdie survived being Kalishplosioned through the air by Emperor Gruumm's bike lasers without serious harm.


  • Master Swordsman: Fowler Birdie is a very skilled swordsman, easily defeating a swarm of Krybots singlehandedly.


Fowler Birdie's Samurai Sword.jpg

  • Samurai Sword: Birdie wields a samurai sword in battle.


  • Fowler Birdie does not use the costume of his Sentai counterpart and had a version that was made entirely in the U.S..
  • His personality differed from his Sentai counterpart who was actually a respectful Supreme Commander.

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