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"Good goose feathers! "
―Birdie's catchphrase[src]

Fowler Birdie is the former Supreme Commander of S.P.D.. He is first introduced in the episode "Dismissed", where he relieved Commander Cruger of his duties when Cruger refused to cater his strategy to Birdie's liking. He took control of Earth's S.P.D. until he was rescued by Cruger against Gruumm.

Birdie has a very harsh and commanding personality and is quick to squawk orders without a second thought. He thought little of the B-Squad and would send them on separate missions. He even talked of having them replaced (for presumed incompetence) just as he replaced Cruger. Unfortunately, his strategies ended up nearly getting the Rangers killed if it were not for Gruumm pulling out when he had the chance to kill them.

He made an appearance in Messenger Part 1 as a hologram transmission that he was aware of the Rangers battle against Devastation, however, he was unable to send back up fearing it would deplete HQ forces and would fall into Grumm's trap.

In Katastrophe, he called to offer Kat a job at SPD Headquarters as Cheif of Technology. Later he handed her a temporary Morpher when she told him about the Helios Generator powered robot.

Birdie appears in the final S.P.D. episode where he was among the S.P.D. reinforcements to assist in the final battle against the Troobians, apparently having decided to go into battle himself.

Birdie held the title of Supreme Commander for another two years until he eventually retired and moved to Miami to lead a solitary life, placing Cruger as his successor to the position.


  • Sword


  • He can never get Boom's name right.Katastrophe
  • His personality differs from his Sentai counterpart, who is actually a respectful Supreme Commander

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