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Fourth Spear, Wendinu (四の槍・ウェンディーヌ Shi no Yari U~endīnu) is a Snake Ninpou (蛇忍法 Hebininpō) mistress of disguise who appears on Earth with her partner Furabiijo, who occasionally calls her "Wendy". Wendinu is the one who enlarges the henchmen in various ways. But Wendinu was made a Dark Spear due to her unique ability to grow into a giant super-strong berserker after amassing enough stress and rage in her. In that crazed state of mind, Wendinu destroyed an entire planet single-handedly. She is the sixth strongest spear overall in the series.

After Manmaruba's death, Wendinu did her own plan by setting up her own Wendinu Cram School scheme, using brain-washed children to kill the ninja for her. In the process, she fell head over heels for a young man named Hashimoto. However, once her plan failed, Wendinu's rage reach its zenith and she grew, overpowering Senpuujin and Gouraijin easily until the presence of Hashimoto caused her to shrink back to normal size.

In Hurricaneger vs. GaoRanger, she became GaoBlue, but got clawed by (the real) GaoWhite, making her give into her vanity. She questioned Sandaaru and attempted to use Sargain's final creations to destroy the ninja in vain.

She and Furabijou were blasted by the Victory Gadget, ending up on DinoEarth instead of being destroyed, returning during Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger, calling herself the Apostle of Temptation (誘惑の使徒 Yūwaku no Shito).

10 Years After

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Super Sentai Versus Series Theater

Moune as Wendinu.

Wendinu's appearances in the "Versus Series", Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger and Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger, are featured in the Super Sentai Versus Series Theater, hosted by the heroes of Tensou Sentai Goseiger. Moune (Gosei Yellow) also dresses as Wendinu in the Hurricaneger cosplay.

Snake Ninpou

  • Jizaiken (自在剣 Jizaiken, "Free Sword") - A Hebi Ninpou where she would throw her sword at her opponents' direction, controlling them as she wishes, impaling the ground/enemy, and causing an explosion.
  • Ayakashi no Jutsu (妖の術 Ayakashi no Jutsu, "Suspicious Attack") - A Hebi Ninpou where she would disappear, before making an illusion of herself as a giant to attack her opponents not unlike KabutoRaiger's Maboroshi Kabuto technique.

Jakanja Karakuri Giants


©Na as Wendinu.

Envisioning the girls in his life cosplaying Sentai characters, Nobuo Akagi saw ©Na as Wendinu among other villainesses. Ep. 4: Forbidden Delusion! The Lame Blue Corruption!


GaoBlue outfit

"Surging Shark! GaoBlue!"

Power Animals


Behind the scenes


Wendinu was portrayed by Mio Fukuzumi (福澄 美緒 Fukuzumi Mio).


concept art

  • Her name comes from the words Wednesday (ウェンズデイ/ウェンズデー U~enzudei/U~enzudē) and Ondine (オンディーヌ Ondīnu).
  • The concept of snake magic in Japanese myth is tied to Orochimaru from the "Tale of Gallant Jiraiya". Her temperament can also stem from legend of Kiyohime, who turned into a monstrous serpent in a hateful rage when her love was scorned.
  • She is the only one of the Hurricaneger villains whose temporary Gaoranger counterpart was not the same as her gender.
  • With Furabijo's non-canon "death" during the events of Boukenger vs. Super Sentai three years later, Wendinu would have been the lone survivor of Seven Darkness Spears and one of the few remaining members of the Jakanja. However in 10 Years After (only continuity placement of Hurricanger TV series), it is shown that both Furabijo and Wendinu are alive and well.
  • When Wendinu turned into GaoBlue during the events of Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger, the costume was not redesigned the to look like a female suit when transformed, showing an error on the costume.
  • In the episodes Snip It, Snip It Good of the series Power Rangers Ninja Storm, when Tori Hanson uses the specialty of The Sword Ninja Storm, in the attack on Kapri you can see her face.
    • In such episode, Sentai footage of Wendinu were often used to depict Kapri when her face is not seen in fight footage.

Musical Themes

Wendinu has a leitmotif that is a remix of the Seven Darkness Spears' theme: "Please, Wendy-Chan" ( Wendy-Chan, Onegai!).


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