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"The entire city, mine to destroy!"
―Four Head's first words upon being created.[src]

"Fancy toys girls and boys but you can't stop me!"
―Four Head when confronted by the Power Blaster and her final words before her initial defeat.[src]

"I'm not impressed!"
―Four Head when confronted by the Mega Tigerzord.[src]

"Huh? What is that?!"
―Four Head when confronted by Tor the Shuttlezord.[src]

"Huh? What are you doing?"
―Four Head reacting to Tor in Warrior Mode and her final words before her destruction.[src]

Four Head was a female four-headed monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "A Monster of Global Proportions."

Character History

Four Head Statue 1.png

The teenagers at Angel Grove High School create their own Peace Conference with six delegates from other countries and Lord Zedd decides to kidnap them. However, despite Goldar kidnapping them with the Putty Patrol the Power Rangers are able to rescue them. Enraged, Four Head is created by Zedd from the World Peace Statue present in the Peace Conference hall. The statuette was a representation of peace, with its four faces representing strength, wisdom, beauty and vitality. Four Head is created by Zedd teleporting the statue onto the roof of a skyscraper and the monster delights in the idea of the entire city being hers to demolish. Leaving the ambassadors in the hands of Rocky, Adam and Aisha, the Power Rangers confront Four Head before she can begin her rampage. The Rangers form the Power Blaster and Four Head is unimpressed but the Power Blaster manages to blast Four Head clean off of the building. However, Four Head survives and Zedd throws a Growth Bomb to Earth which Four Head grabs mid fall and it detonates on contact with the ground. The Rangers summon the Thunderzords and form the Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode and White Tigerzord Warrior Mode but she immediately blasts them and they form the Mega Tigerzord. Four Head is not intimidated so it tries to destroy the monster nonetheless but Four Head manages to reflect the Firebird blast back at the Mega Tigerzord, taking out both it and the Red Dragon Thunderzord down.

Fortunately, Zordon sends Tor the Shuttlezord to aid the Power Rangers to Four Head's shock. However, the monster manages to topple Tor which prompts her to cross her arms and chuckle at it so the Red Dragon Thunderzord is forced to salvage the situation by flipping Tor back upright. Unfortunately, Four Head charges and delivers a beat-down to the Red Dragon who then grabs and throws her but Four Head lands on her feet and blasts down the Zord. Tor then transforms into Warrior Mode and sends blasts right at Four Head who is unfazed. The Red Dragon Thunderzord then enters Tor's shell and Four Head fires at it but its thick armor means that neither Zord is fazed which allows it to re-energize the Zord. The Rangers then form the new Thunder Ultrazord which flies into the air with the aid of the Red Dragonzord Thunderzord's staff. Four Head brings her staff to bear but the Red Dragon stops spinning its staff and the Thunder Ultrazord plummets out of the sky, crushing Four Head to death as it lands right on her. After the monster was destroyed, the four headed sculpture reverts to its normal form and reappears back on the Peace Conference table.


Four Head was a pompous and arrogant monster who took great pride in destroying the Power Rangers with a habit of cackling and brutalizing her enemies. However, she was absolutely loyal to Lord Zedd.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Power: Four Head was stronger than Nimrod, easily defeating the Mega Tigerzord and was the strongest monster faced up to that point. However, later monsters like Goldgoyle and Tankenstein were far superior to her in terms of firepower and strength.
  • Depth Perception: The Terror Blossom was able to see properly and had normal depth perception despite having eight eyes.
  • Strength: Four Head was strong enough to knock back the Mega Tigerzord's finishing attack with one swing of her staff and kick Tor onto his back with one kick.
  • Durability: Four Head was blasted by both the Power Blaster and Tor's cannons without being fazed by either and survived falling 12 stories off a building onto paved concrete.
  • Skilled Fighter: Four Head was able to overwhelm the Red Dragon Thunderzord in close quarters combat with amazing ease.
  • Agility: Four Head was able to be thrown to the ground by the Red Dragon Thunderzord but manage to land on her feet.


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  • Staff: Four Head carried around a massive black walking stick like staff which she used to club her enemies with.
    • Deflection: Four Head was able to knock back the Firebird Thunderzord with a single swing of her staff.
    • Lightning Blasts: Four Head could fire a sold green beam of energy from her staff which was strong enough to knock back the Red Dragon Thunderzord with one blast.

Behind the Scenes


  • Four Head was voiced by Alex Borstein and had an identical voice to the Lipsyncher except with a different echo effect added.


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  • Four Head's name was a pun on "forehead" and on the fact that she had four heads.
  • Four Head was the only monster to resist the Mega Tigerzord's finishing move and require a different Megazord formation to destroy her.
  • Four Head was the beginning of a weird trend of "head" monsters in Season 2, the others being Pachinko Head and Flame Head.
  • Four Head was a male monster in Dairanger with a "caveman" voice (although it was technically genderless but see below for why) who was initially destroyed by the Mega Tigerzord which is how it knew to knock back the Firebird Thunderzord.
    • Also, Four Head was originally four other beings (known as the Gorma Four Deva Kings) who were the Gorma Emperor XV's elite guard. They were assigned to Shadam to kill the Dairangers and their teamwork was so great that, by shouting "Four Deva Fusion!" to fuse into a four headed body which was never named.
  • Four Head resembled Four Face, a monster from Sailor Moon with a very similar design which is because both are based upon the image of duality.
  • Four Head was used as background filler in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger around this time which is why she never appeared in U.S. footage.


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