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"Huh? What are you doing?"
―Four Head[src]

Four Head is a female four-headed monster, created by Lord Zedd from the sculpture made by Angel Grove High Art Class. She serves as the main antagonist of the episode "A Monster of Global Proportions".


Four Head was created by Zedd from the statue of the World Summit of Youth. The statuette was a representation of peace, with its four faces repesenting strength, wisdom, beauty and vitality. After the Power Rangers saved the members of the World Summit of Youth from the Z Putty Patrollers, Zedd created this monster. Four Head then attacked Angel Grove and encountered the Rangers. The Rangers tried to defeat the monster with the Power Blaster (in Dairanger it was actually a Power Cannon), but Four Head survived and attacked the heroes with lightnings from her staff. Zedd then threw a growth grenade to earth to make the monster grow. The rangers formed Mega Tigerzord and battled her, but Four Head managed to reflect Firebird blast back at Mega Tigerzord. Zordon then sent fourth Tor the Shuttlezord to aid the rangers. However, the monster managed to topple Tor and Red Dragon Thunderzord, and unleashed an onslaught of charged blasts on them. Tor then transformed into battle mode and sent numerous green blazing rockets and missiles right at Four Head. Red Dragon Thunderzord then entered Tor's shell, re-energizing the Zord. The rangers then formed Thunder Ultrazord, which flew to the air with the aid of Red Dragonzord Thunderzord's Spinning Staff. Four Head was then destroyed when Thunder Ultrazord landed right on her, crushing her. After the monster was destroyed, the four headed sculpture reverted to its normal form and reappeared in its original place. A Monster of Global Proportions


Four Head was pompous and arrogant monster who took great pride in destroying the Power Rangers. She talked in pompous and nasty voice and even abused rangers. But she is loyal to Zedd.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Skilled Fighter


  • Staff
    • Lightning Blasts
    • Blasts Reflecting

Behind The Scenes



  • Four Head was a male monster in Dairanger with a "caveman" voice, and was initially destroyed by the MegaTigerzord, explaining how it knew to knock back the firebird. But in the new series, it was addressed as female, with a more pompous way of speaking.
  • Four Head resembles Four Face, a monster from Sailor Moon.
  • Four Head is the only monster to resist Mega Tigerzord's finishing move.
  • She was the voice of Lipsyncher .

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