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"Huh? What are you doing?"
―Four Head[src]

Four Head is a female four-headed monster, created by Lord Zedd from the sculpture made by Angel Grove High Art Class. She serves as the main antagonist of the episode "A Monster of Global Proportions".


Four Head was created by Lord Zedd from the statue of the World Summit of Youth. The statuette was a representation of peace, with its four faces repesenting strength, wisdom, beauty and vitality. After the Power Rangers saved the members of the Youth World Summit from the Putties, Zedd created this monster to try and salvage the scheme. Four Head attacked Angel Grove and encountered the Rangers. The Rangers tried to defeat the monster with the Power Blaster but Four Head survived and. Zedd then threw a growth grenade to Earth to which Four Head grabbed mid fall and she grew when she hit the ground and the bomb exploded.

The Rangers summoned the Thunderzords and White Tigerzord and formed the Mega Tigerzord. It tried to kill the monster but Four Head managed to reflect the Firebird blast back at thr Mega Tigerzord, taking out both it and the Red Dragon Thunderzord. Zordon then sent fourth Tor the Shuttlezord to aid the Rangers. However, the monster managed to topple Tor and the Red Dragon Thunderzord was forced to salvage the situation, and unleashed an onslaught of charged blasts on them. Tor then transformed into Battle Mode and sent numerous green blazing rockets and missiles right at Four Head who was unfazed. Thr Red Dragon Thunderzord then entered Tor's shell and Four Head fired at it but it's thick armour meant that neither Zord as fazed which allowed it to re-energise the Zord. The Rangers then formed the new Thunder Ultrazord, which flew intoo the air with the aid of the Red Dragonzord Thunderzord's Spinning Staff and destroyed Four Head by landing right on her, crushing her to death. After the monster was destroyed, the four headed sculpture reverted to its normal form and reappeared in its original place. A Monster of Global Proportions


Four Head was a pompous and arrogant monster who took great pride in destroying the Power Rangers but he is loyal to Lord Zedd.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength-Four Head was strong enough to knock back the Mega Tigerzord's finishing attack with one swing of her staff and kick Tor onto his back with one kick.
  • Durability-Four Head was blasted by both the Power Blaster and Tor's cannons without being fazed by either and the Power Blaster sending her flying ff of a building and hit the concrete ground.
  • Skilled Fighter-Four Head was able to overwhelm the Red Dragon Thunderzord in code quarters combat.


  • Staff-Four Head carries around a massive black stick which she uses to club her enemies with and was strong enough to knock back the Firebird Thunderzord.
    • Lightning Blasts-Four Head can fire a sold green beam of energy empowered by red energy from her staff which is her main attack and is strong enough to knock back the Red Dragon Thunderzord with one blast.

Behind The Scenes


  • Four Head was voiced by Alex Borstein.
    • Four Head has an identical voice to Lipsyncher, who was also voiced by Borstein, except with a different echo effect added.


  • Four Head is the only monster to resist the Mega Tigerzord's finishing move and require a different Megazord to kill her.
  • Four Head was a male monster in Dairanger with a "caveman" voice (although it was technically genderless but see below for why) who was initially destroyed by the Mega Tigerzord which is how it knew to knock back the firebird.
    • Also, Four Head was originally four other beings (known as the Gorma Four Deva Priests) who were the Gorma Emperor's elite guard. They were assigned to Shadam to kill the Dairangers since they were the Gorma Tribe's ultimate enemies. Thier teamwork was so great that, by shouting "Shen Gatai!" (meaning "Four Deva Fusion") to fuse into a four headed body which was never named.
  • Four Head resembles Four Face, a monster from Sailor Moon with a very similar design which is because both are based upon the image of duality.

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