This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

Found and Lost is the twentieth episode of Power Rangers Zeo. This is the third of the four-episode Arrowhead arc, where David Trueheart gets held captive and King Mondo gets hold of both halves of the arrowhead.


Tommy's time with David and Sam Trueheart reveals a secret hidden in the arrowhead that he had been given before, one that King Mondo is taking interest in.


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  • Bulk and Skull somehow knew Rito and Goldar’s names, despite that when Goldar and Rito lost their memories in A Zeo Beginning they couldn’t remember who they are to introduce themselves to Bulk and Skull.


  • First original footage appearance of King Mondo.
  • The episode's title is "Lost and Found" in reverse.
  • Tommy is revealed to be adopted.
  • This is the final usage of "Zeo Power, Zeo" in the intro and also the long version of the Zeo theme, and the Ranger shape outlinings, as the episodes onwards discard the shape outlinings, shorten the theme, and discarded "Zeo Power, Zeo".

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