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"Kira...You must listen to me."
―Fossilador before controlling Kira´s mind.[src]
"Yes! I'm free! My time has come at last!"
―Fossilador´s words when grown.[src]

Fossilador is a mind controlling dinosaur skeleton who appears in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

Character History

Fossilador is an experiment created by Tommy Oliver and Anton Mercer, but was discarded because it went out of control. Later Mesogog used him to brainwash Kira at Mercer's museum; into bringing him the missing bone, and so he can be revived. It takes the Thundersaurus Megazord cleaving through his weaspot (the place where his missing bone should be) ith it's Dino Drill attack to destroy the Fossilador once and for all.

Powers and Abilities

As a disembodied head

  • Mind Control: The Fossilador can control the minds of his enemies by making them look into his eyes.
  • Telepathy: Even if he is divided, he can communicate by telepathy. He did this to communicate with brainwashed Kira.
  • Body Generation-When his final bone is retrieved, the Fossilador was able to immediately form himself into a new body.

As a proper monster

  • Regeneration: The Fossilador can regenerate his parts after they have been destroyed, such as when the Pterang cleaved off his hand.
  • Exhalation: The Fossilador can exhale his breath as a white gale capable of harming the Megazord.
  • Ray Blasts: The Fossilador can blast rays from his eyes powerful enough to shake up the Megazord.
  • Lightning Blasts-Fossilador can fire bright purple lightning from his mouth powerful enough to take down Kira and undo the spell he has on her.
  • Self-Growth-Fossilador seemed to make himself grow from underground where the Hydro-Regenerator would be unable to reach him.


  • Giant Claws-Although he lacks any real weapons, The Fossilador has large clawed but flat hands to hack and slash at his enemies.
    • Electrocution-The Fossilador can charge up his hands with blue energy to electrocute any enemy he is holding such as when he gave the Thundersaurs Megazord a big, painful hug.


  • The Fossilador is the only monster in Dino Thunder with mind control capabilities.
  • The Fossilador is the second of four monsters capable of making themselves grow independently of the Hydro-Regenerator. The first was Goldenrod, and third and fourth were both forms of the White Terrorsaurus.
    • That is of course assuming he made himself grow and the Hydro-Regenerator didn't just spawn underground for him.
    • It's unknown that if Fossilador had any last words before his death.

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