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Fossil Frenzy is the seventeenth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 and forty-first episode overall.[1] It features the debut of Robo-Roxy's Dinosaur and Giant forms as well as her final appearance.


When Zoey accidentally ruins her brother’s chances for a scholarship, she’ll do anything to make it right.


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  • Pickles is seen unlocking his crate from the inside, putting ketchup on a hot dog, and then squirting Ben and Betty with the bottle, all of which are completely impossible for a dog.
  • While in the Megazord fight, it seems Ravi piloting the Wheeler Zord, not the Beast-X King Zord.
  • Devon activated Beast-X Mode without using his Beast-X Visor and Key.
    • Although Ravi and Zoey used their Visors to use Beast-X Mode, they also didn't use their Keys.
  • The scene after Robo-Blaze knocks down upgraded Devon for the second time appears to be the same scene used earlier, but it was flipped horizontally.


  • This episode's UK air date coincided with Liana Ramirez’s (Roxy's actress) birthday.
    • Ironically, this episode marks the permanent death of Robo-Roxy.

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