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Fossil Frenzy is the seventeenth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 and forty-first episode overall and the final episode before the final arc of Power Rangers Beast Morphers.[1] It features the debut of Robo-Roxy's Dinosaur and Giant forms as well as her final appearance.


When Zoey accidentally ruins her brother’s chances for a scholarship, she’ll do anything to make it right.


At Riptide Gym, the Rangers are practicing swordplay on planks as Steel watches from the ground, only for Devon to best the other Rangers. Afterwards, Zoey’s big brother Mike arrives, revealing that he just came back from a dangerous expedition on Hono Peak where the hike alone injured his arm. Hover, Mike believes that it was worth it as he was able to find a claw from a brand-new dinosaur that has never been discovered before. Mike dubs the dinosaur as the Vultursarus and hopes that the claw will help him with his scholarship interview the next day. However, Mike wants to know if there is any DNA trace in the claw to confirm that it is a new species, and Zoey, still trying to keep up the front of being a laundry girl, says that she might know of someone who could help her. Before leaving, Mike tells Zoey to guard the claw with her life. Then, Ben and Betty barge into the gym looking for their dog Pickles, and chase after him after finding him in the food court. Fortunately, Ravi grabs the dog for them and hands it back.

In the Crystal Dimension, Evox has finally regained his full strength after his recent Morph-X infusion and plans to go forward with the next phase of his plans. However, Evox makes it clear that Robo-Roxy was of no help to him due to her constant failures, unlike Robo-Blaze who has succeeded more, and she plans to make sure she wins back Evox’s favor.

At Grid Battleforce, Nate is giving Jax a maintenance check as Zoey asks for help on the DNA scan. However, Nate needs a few more minutes on Jax before he can help Zoey, but she decides to clean the claw herself. Nate tells Zoey to grab an orange container as it was the cleaning solvent, but she accidentally grabs a bottle of acid instead. When she pours the acid into the container, it dissolves it and spreads all over the counter and, to Zoey’s horror, it melts the claw on contact. Then, with bad timing, Mike calls Zoey, and despite Nate offering to come with her for support, she decides to break the bad news to her brother by herself. Meeting Mike at the Riptide Gym, Zoey tells her brother that she accidentally destroyed the claw, upsetting the latter as he has nothing for his scholarship interview. While Mike is sadly content to try again next year, Zoey is not and tells Ravi that she needs to go out and do something. While Ravi offers to help her out, Zoey rejects it as she wants to fix her own mistake alone.

In the Crystal Dimension, Robo-Roxy orders Scrozzle to scan Hono Peak as she found out about the Vultursarus fossil from the Daily News, believing that the DNA from the fossil could be what she needs to grow more powerful. Scrozzle manages to pick up a Grid Battleforce Wrist Com from the Peak, which turned out to be Zoey climbing the peak alone. A rock slide damages Zoey’s Wrist Com, but she presses forward in climbing the peak. Meanwhile, Ravi returns to Grid Battleforce after his workout just as Nate finishes Jax’s maintenance check. Devon shows Ravi the news about the Vultursarus fossil Mike discovered, but when Steel revealed that it came from Hono Peak, it horrifies Ravi as Zoey did not tell him that before she left the gym. Nate tries to contact Zoey but is unable to reach her due to the damaged Wrist Com. Fearing that Zoey could be in danger, Jax goes out to warm up the Chopper Zord so they can find her.

Meanwhile, Zoey manages to make it to the top of Hono Peak and finds the excavation site Mike dug up the fossil. Zoey manages to collect another piece of the fossil, but Robo-Roxy fires at her with the intent of collecting the fossil herself. She uses the DNA Scanner to download the DNA, but a morphed Devon kicks at Robo-Roxy by hanging from the Chopper Zord. The rest of the morphed Rangers join him as Zoey as Nate hands her a new Wrist Com. Robo-Roxy and Zoey morph as the former summons the Tronics. While the Rangers handle the Tronics with no problem, Zoey fights against Robo-Roxy and knocks her down with the Beast-X Blaster. However, Robo-Roxy grabs the DNA Scanner, and teleports away, much to the Ranger’s frustration. Before the Rangers could head back home, Zoey goes back to the fossil for a new sample.

Back at the Crystal Dimension, Evox begins to move forward with his plan to destroy humanity and take over the Morphin Grid, asking Scrozzle where his new Gigadrone is. Scrozzle says he is still working on it but reassures Evox that it will be the most destructive Gigadrone ever. However, Robo-Roxy reveals that she scanned a brand-new DNA that could destroy the Rangers in half the time Scrozzle could build a Gigadrone, but a skeptical Robo-Blaze asks her what she has. Robo-Roxy enters the Robo-Maker with the Vultursarus DNA and Scrozzle activates it so the new DNA merges with her form. Once the DNA process ends, Robo-Roxy exits the Robo-Maker in her brand-new Dinosaur Form, which takes aback everyone. Unfortunately, the process of merging the Vultursarus DNA with Robo-Roxy’s base seems to have overloaded the Robo-Maker and it explodes due to the strain of the process. Not only does that dismay Scrozzle as it was a one of a kind object, but it angers Robo-Blaze because the Robo-Generals have lost their only means of being rebuilt, yelling at Robo-Roxy that the next time the Rangers destroy them would now be permanent. However, Robo-Roxy arrogantly brushes over Robo-Blaze’s concern as she has more power to take on the Rangers. Evox orders Robo-Roxy to destroy the Rangers and Coral Harbor, but Robo-Blaze decides to tag along in hopes he is not outdone by her.

Back at Riptide Gym, Zoey meets up with Mike and shows him the new sample she acquired from Hono Peak, but he was not happy she climbed that Peak as it was too dangerous. While Zoey admits that it was a dangerous decision, she did not want Mike to lose his scholarship before showing the DNA results that prove that the Vultursarus is a new species. Although Mike is happy with the results, Zoey is forced to leave when her Wrist Com beeps.

The Rangers see the Robo-Generals as Robo-Blaze wants to play a game of “Who can destroy the most Rangers”. Both groups morph as Robo-Roxy mockingly thanks Zoey for the Dinosaur DNA. While Devon takes on Robo-Blaze, the rest of the Rangers fight Robo-Roxy, who is more of a challenge thanks to her Dinosaur Form. Ravi and Zoey enter Beast-X Mode to give them more of a chance, but Robo-Roxy is still to be a challenge as Robo-Blaze is gaining the upper hand against Devon, who is also in Beast-X Mode. Zoey uses her Jackrabbit Spin Strike against Robo-Roxy, but while it knocks her down, it did not affect her too much. Then, Robo-Roxy unleashes the full power of her Dinosaur DNA by absorbing the matter around her and growing into a monstrous Gigadrone.

The Rangers summon their Zords, but with Devon still busy fighting Robo-Blaze, they bring the Beast-X King Zord with them and form the Beast-X King Ultrazord. Robo-Roxy strikes against the Ultrazord, but Nate activates the energy shields to redirect her blasts right back at her. Deciding to finish Robo-Roxy off once and for all, the Rangers attack with the Beast-X King Ultra Strike. The attack is enough to finally put a permanent end to Robo-Roxy as she explodes from her damages. As Robo-Blaze watches in horror at the sight of Robo-Roxy’s destruction, Scrozzle teleports in and berates him for letting the Rangers destroy her, reminding him that he cannot rebuild the Robo-Maker. Unfortunately, Devon heard all of that, and after Robo-Blaze shuts up Scrozzle, the duo retreat to the Crystal Dimension. Once alone, Devon contacts the Rangers, telling them he has some news they would like to hear.

Back at the Riptide Gym, Devon has finished explaining to the Rangers what he learned from Scrozzle, and they are relieved at the fact they do not have to worry about Robo-Roxy ever again. Zoey thanks her friends for helping her as she realized that trying to do things on her own was the same mistake Robo-Roxy made, and Devon reassures her that they always have her back. Just then, Mike arrives and announces that he got the scholarship, and while he thanks Zoey for the help, he warns her to never pull another dangerous stunt like she did today. As Devon sits down to eat his hot dog, Ben and Betty bring in Pickles inside his crate. As the two boast about how well-behaved Pickles is, the latter escapes from his crate and grabs Devon’s hot dog, succeeding as the latter’s weak point acts up at the sight of Pickles. Devon accuses Pickles of stealing his hot dog, but while the Burke siblings do not believe that, they see their dog with the hot dog as he squirts ketchup on their faces.



  • Pickles is seen unlocking his crate from the inside, putting ketchup on a hot dog, and then squirting Ben and Betty with the bottle, all of which are completely impossible for a dog.
  • During the Megazord fight, it seems Ravi is piloting the Wheeler Zord, not the Beast-X King Zord.
  • Devon activated Beast-X Mode without using his Beast-X Visor and Key.
    • Although Ravi and Zoey used their Visors to use Beast-X Mode, they also didn't use their Keys.
  • The scene after Robo-Blaze knocks down Devon for the second time appears to be the same scene used earlier, but it was flipped horizontally.
  • Devon’s eyes are open, when Pickles takes his hot dog, yet moments later his eyes are mysteriously closed.


  • This episode's UK air date coincided with Liana Ramirez’s (Roxy's actress) birthday.
    • Ironically, this episode marks the permanent destruction of Robo-Roxy.
  • This is the second episode to not feature a Robotron ever since Goin' Ape.

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