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Fossil Bōma (カセキボーマ Kaseki Bōma) is a triceratops-fossil-theme member of the Hundred Boma Tribes, ultimately working for Yamimaru.

Character History

21,000 years prior, Fossil Boma discovered the forbidden Golden Apple, one which grows every thousand years and was only to be eaten by one of great power by Lagorn. Partaking in the apple, Fossil Boma became so powerful that he could not be stopped by anyone except Lagorn himself, who sealed him behind a wall of fossils so that he would not rebel again.

In modern times, Fossil Boma is discovered by Yamimaru, searching for him and releasing him in hopes of gaining the current Golden Apple for himself. Creating a giant clone to distract the Turboranger to use Turbo Robo, Fossil Boma leads Yamimaru towards the Golden Apple while the giant crushes the team with ease. During the battle, Black Turbo becomes hit by Fossil Boma's spray, cutting him off from fairy power to the point that he only had a five-minute reserve of power left within his body.

With desperation driving him to save himself, Daichi chases after Yamimaru and Fossil Boma until they reach the Golden Apple, upon which he starts using his Black Turbo powers to fend himself from them as well as Jarmin's troops trying to get the apple for Lagorn. Ultimately the apple nearly falls into Lagorn's hands until the other Turboranger destroy it, before using their V-Turbo Bazooka to destroy Fossil Boma and remove his giant clone.

However with Yamimaru reviving Fossil Boma with his power, the curse remained on Daichi who ultimately only had 30 seconds of fairy power in himself to fight. Rushing back to Turbo Robo, he holds firm long enough to deliver the Kousokuken finisher and thus defeat the fossil Boma Beast as time runs out.


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Fossil Boma's main ability is the usage of a powerful spray that can dissolve or hurt anything it touches; when he touches a Turboranger, he has the ability to seal or limit the power that they can use; he can also spin like a drill and burrow through the underground. However due to gaining the power of the Golden Apple in the past, he became even more powerful and gained the ability to create a giant clone of himself without the need of being grown himself by a Boma elite; this clone has the same power as Fossil Boma itself and allows for it to attack at full power on two different fronts.

Behind the Scenes


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