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Fortress Lifeform Anomalogaris (要塞生命体アノマロガリス Yōsai Seimeitai Anomarogarisu , 1, 2, 31, 32, 49 & 50): The Anomalocaris-like Evolien spaceships, they played a big part in the 200 Days of Darkness that turned DinoEarth into a barren desert world. The first Anomalogaris arrived on Earth piloted by Darkness Messenger Geildon, only to be destroyed by Abarenoh. The Anomalogaris II (アノマロガリス二世 Anomarogarisu Nisei 31 & 32) piloted by Apostle of Destruction Jeanne arrived with the Unstoppable Connection Living Ship Barugigenia. It soon self-destructed after Jeanne destroyed the controls during her final fight with Asuka, though both occupants survived (though Asuka was initially believed to be dead until it was confirmed he took back the Armor of Darkness before Anomalogaris was destroyed). By the finale, Dezumogevalus unleashed an armada of Anomalogaris to reenact the 200 Days of Darkness on Another-Earth. But once Dezumogevalus was defeated, the Anamolicarus were destroyed.

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