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Fortress Iron Claw (要塞鉄の爪 Yōsai Tetsu no Tsume) is the head quarters of the Machine Empire Black Magma. The fortress is located in the Arctic armed with a lightning ray in its "palm" and can store hell fighters within itself. The fortress itself is mostly underground with the Iron Claw mostly used for dispatches, with an extra entrance hidden within the ice and snow on the ground.

The interior of the fortress consists of multiple rooms: its main room is a "throne room" where Führer Hell Saturn or the Black Magma leader sends out dispatches to his forces as well as contains a machine for the creation of the squadron's Monger Army. A separate room contains the idol of the "Black Sun God" which is worshipped within to ask for victory for the organization.Ep. 5: The Wicked Sun God There is also a dungeon and an ice-frozen arena where matters of combat occur overlooking the Arctic wasteland.Final Ep.: Shine, North Pole Aurora The most secret of rooms within the fortress is the "Ice Room", where The Omnipotent God, the true mastermind of Black Magma, lays hidden from all, with only his voice emitting through the fortress as the "Black Sun God" prior to the organization's final days.Ep. 48: The Stolen Giant Carrier

Sun Vulcan is initially formed by the Guardians of World Peace after initial investigations in the Arctic leads to multiple crafts being shot down by Black Magma's forces originating from the fortress prior to their declaration of war against the world. After nearly a year of being untouchable, the GWP ultimately see finding Fortress Iron Claw as crucial once again after Daizaburou Arashiyama's daughter, Misa, is magically abducted by Queen Hedrian during her final move in trying to secure her power within the organization leading to her death. Ultimately, an investigation of the Arctic based on the initial surveys allows for Sun Vulcan and Commander Arashiyama to find the fortress and traverse the Arctic with Jaguar Vulcan to launch an invasion. After Sun Vulcan deals with the final remains of Black Magma and Commander Arashiyama kills The Omnipotent God, Black Magma's leader sets off a timebomb in hopes to take all of his enemies with it and the organization. In a race against time, Sun Vulcan and Arashiyama secure the commander's daughter and escape on Jaguar Vulcan before the base finally explodes, destroying the last remains of the organization.Ep. 1: The Machine Empire of the North PoleEp. 49: The Queen's Last Apparition ArtFinal Ep.: Shine, North Pole Aurora

A cardboard cutout of Fortress Iron Claw was later seen at a theme park. Ep. 2: Rise up! Warriors of the Future

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