This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.
"At your service."
―Fortissimodo's first words after being created[src]
"Now I'm a true grand piano!"
―Fortissimodo after growing giant[src]

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Fortissimodo is a piano-themed robot monster.

King Mondo created Fortissismodo from Angel Grove High's concert hall piano, for the intent of capturing the 'mysterious piano player.' Fortissimodo overpowered Adam until the other Rangers showed up. Klank made him grow and he grabbed Adam, who was soon freed by Tommy who attacked with the Defender Wheel. Fortissimodo shot out explosive piano notes, but was defeated by the Zeo Megazord.Instrument of Destruction

Fortissimodo reappeared in Adam's dream. It Came From Angel Grove

Fortissimodo was seen as an audience member in Prince Gasket's Machine Arena.King for a Day

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