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Forged in Steel is the second episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel. This features Calvin and Hayley's first transformation into the Ninja Steel Yellow Ranger and the Ninja Steel White Ranger respectively. It also features the debut of the main five Rangers' Zords.


As Brody, Preston and Sarah return to Brody's childhood home in an attempt to find his lost family, Hayley and Calvin come across a strange alien named Mick.


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Ninja Power Stars


  • When Hayley summons her Morpher, the blade is extended.
  • When the Kudabots walk up to fight Hayley and Calvin, Mick jumps into the front seat of Calvin's truck, but afterwards, Haley and Calvin jump into the front seat while Mick is located in the back of the truck.
  • When the rangers shout "Ninja Spin!" during their morph, the ninja power stars do not spin until the morphing phase is shown, even though they made the movement of spinning them. This will most likely become a trend of the show as well, as the same mistake was seen in the intro during an entirely different morph as well.
  • Hayley and and Sarah had their Morphing Stars on their Ninja Star Blades instead of their Zord Stars when on their Zords.
  • After the rangers morphed, the shots of Calvin and Haley's heads inside of the helmet were not zoomed in close enough to their eyes to give off the illusion that their heads were inside of their helmets. It instead feels as if they're standing in a black room.


  • This episode picked up where "Return of the Prism" had left off.
  • The Gold Ninja Power Star Madame Odius is holding in the final scene is, in fact, the DX toy version of the StarNinger Shuriken as the kanji is clear rather than opaque, much like the regular Power Star props.[1]
  • When Hayley and Calvin pulled out the Ninja Power Stars a Japaneese logo can be seen on them which is actually the Ninja Stars are the Japaneese Ninja Stars from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger

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