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Forever Friends is the 37th episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 as well the 97th episode as a whole series.


Goldar kidnaps Kimberly and Aisha's best friend Shawna. While our heroes plan to rescue their friends, Zedd sends the Jaws of Destruction to battle them.


Aisha's friend Shawna from Stone Canyon comes for a visit before a gymnastics competition and quickly dislikes Kimberly believing her to be a rival stealing her best friend away from her. Aisha tries to thaw the strain between Shawna and Kimberly with a picnic at the park.

Back in Lord Zedd's palace, he comes up with a plan to defeat the Power Rangers by capturing the Pink Ranger and Shawna in an effort to weaken them. When Goldar questions the plan, Zedd quickly silences him about it. He tells Goldar if he has them captive, the others will refuse to cooperate with each other, leaving Zordon and Earth defenseless to stop him. He sends Goldar out to capture the Pink Ranger and Shawna at once.

In woodshop, the guys must deal with Bulk and Skull bragging about their latest plan to find out the secret identities of the Power Rangers, believing their newly built jet packs will give them an advantage to catch up to them. Despite Billy's warning for them not to attempt it, Bulk and Skull decide to test out jet packs anyway. Their first test in the park ends with them crash landing in a stack of hay.

At the park, Goldar arrives and captures Kimberly and Shawna while leaving Aisha alone. In a panic state, she tries to communicate with the others. Realizing the guys are still at the shop, Aisha rushes back to the school to warn them about what Goldar has done to Kimberly and Shawna.

Back at the Moon Base, pleased with Goldar's success for capturing Kimberly and Shawna, he'll think that if the other Rangers discovered that Aisha didn't do anything to stop Goldar from kidnapping Kimberly and Shawna, Zedd anticipates that they will blame her for it.

At woodshop, Aisha tells the boys about what Goldar did to Kimberly and Shawna. Tommy and the others decide to head to the Command Center at once, leaving Zedd furious that they didn't blame Aisha. Taking matters into his own hands, Zedd creates the Jaws of Destruction from a saw in Woodshop to destroy them.

Being held captive in a cave with a pink force field and guarded by Zedd's Z-Putties, Shawna admits her fears. Kimberly tells her that she is doing fine, leading Shawna to question why she would still want to be her friend after the terrible things she did to her. Kimberly reveals she knows what it's like to deal with feeling lonely since her parents divorce. Shawna is surprised that Kimberly has divorced parents and admits how she felt when her father left her. She found it tough having someone leave her behind and felt as long as she had Aisha around, she never feel lonely. When she transferred to Angel Grove High School, Shawna felt like Aisha had left her behind like her father did. Kimberly understands the pain very well since she felt that way when her dad left her but discovered that he still loved her no matter what.

At the Command Center, Aisha tells Zordon of the situation Goldar put her in when he captured her best friends. Zordon wisely tells her that no one blames her in this, but she is still unsure. The alarm goes off and the Rangers see on the viewing globe another of Zedd's monsters, the Jaws of Destruction, has started his attack. The Rangers quickly morph into action.

Upon seeing the Rangers flying in the air, Bulk and Skull activate their jet packs once again, but the packs stop working and causes the boys to crash into each other.

The Jaws of Destruction sends the putties to battle the other four Rangers while Tommy deals with the ones guarding the captive Kimberly and Shawna. He manages to destroy the guarding putties and enter the cave to rescue the girls. Using Saba to temporary break the force field. Shawna runs out quickly but the field activates again before Kimberly could run out. Tommy tells Alpha to teleport her home immediately. Shawna doesn't want to leave her new friend behind but Kimberly encourages her to return home and that the White Ranger will find a way to free her. Shawna is teleported home and Kimberly morphs into action. Using her skills, she dismantles the force field permanently.

Back at the Moon Palace, Zedd yells at Goldar for leaving putties to do his job rather than guard the cave himself. He orders Goldar back to Earth to deal with Tommy before he frees Kimberly at once.

Heading outside the cave, Tommy and Kimberly are face to face with Goldar. Tommy convinces Kimberly to help the other Rangers with the Jaws of Destruction and the other putties while he deals with Goldar. Kimberly arrives in time to help the other Rangers defeat the Putties before turning their attention towards the Jaws of Destruction. Not to be outdone, Zedd throws a growth grenade at the Jaws of Destruction and make him grow. The Rangers call for the Thunder Zords to become the Thunder Megazord. They defeat the Jaws of Destruction with the Thunder Saber. Tommy defeats Goldar and sends him back to the Moon.

Back on the Moon, Zedd once again yells at Goldar for messing up his plans and his failure to defeat Tommy. He swears that he won't show any more mercy towards the Power Rangers.

Coming into the Youth Center, a bandaged Bulk and Skull are laughed at by the guys with Billy sarcastically remarking that they "really" ran into the Power Rangers. However, Bulk tells the guys that it won't stop them from finding out the secret identities of the Power Rangers. Skull agrees and when they do find out, everyone will call them heroes. Kimberly preps for the gymnastics competition and Aisha tells her how grateful she was for her being nice to Shawna. Kimberly gives a near perfect gymnastics performance that puts her in the lead by 9.8. Then it's Shawna's turn to perform her part of the competition that leads to a tie between her and Kimberly. In the end, they share the trophy with Aisha.



  • In Dairanger, High Priest Saw was a high ranking member of the Gorma Tribe (actually above Shadam the main antagonist) who wa sent in by the Gorma Emperor to kill the Rangers forver, He was also the first monster to ever face Dairen'Oh which is why he was so quickly and easily destroyed here.
  • Only appearance of Shawna, who would never be seen or mentioned again in the show. Alissa Ann Smego (later known by her married name, Alissa Bigelow), the actress who played Shawna, suffered for many years with mental illness and committed suicide on October 5, 2013 at the age of 38.[1]
  • Footage of the Jaws of Destruction's fight can be seen in "Lights, Camera, Action", even tough the airing of that episode predated this one by nearly two weeks.


  • Goldar easily forgets that Aisha is the new Yellow Ranger.
  • Tommy contacts Alpha to teleport Shawna out of the cave; in replying, Alpha calls Tommy by name, despite the fact that Shawna is standing right next to him and can presumably hear his communicator.
  • The Rangers use Jetting during this episode for no known reason (as, unlike its previous use, the Rangers all knew exactly where they were going).
  • It goes from broard daylight into sunset in like four seconds during the Zord fight. This was equally inconsistent in Dairanger.


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