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Forbidden Room

The Forbidden Room is a secret chamber in the monastery of the Order of the Claw that for 10,000 years served as the home of the chest that imprisoned Dai Shi. The Order began a tradition of selecting three Pai Zhua adepts to guard the room, which continued until the present day. When rookie Casey Rhodes was chosen to serve as a protector alongside Theo Martin and Lily Chilman in place of Jarrod, the veteran student stormed the room in anger. His attack inadvertently released Dai Shi, who attacked Master Mao before possessing Jarrod.

After RJ was captured by Dai Shi's forces, the trio of protectors-now the Jungle Fury Rangers-returned to the Forbidden Room in hopes of finding a means to save him. It was here that they learned of the existence of Master Rilla, Master Guin, and Master Lope, whom Master Mao informed them existed in the Spirit Realm due falling during the Beast Wars. Despite the danger, he then transported them to the Spirit Realm so that they could train with these three masters.

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