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Flying Squirrel Monger (ムササビモンガー Musasabi Mongā, 44) is a flying squirrel-theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Flying Squirrel Monger is created to back up Black Magma as part of a scheme to gain blueprints for both Sun Vulcan Robo and a new secret weapon the Guardians of World Peace is working on in secret, by way of a spy within the organization. This spy, Jun'ichi Yamada (a member of GWP's Air Force and friend of Takayuki Hiba), does appear to give them the plans but only due to being a double agent who wanted to act as a spy in an attempt to assassinate Hell Saturn! Flying Squirrel Monger pursues him and Hiba as they try to escape until the rest of Sun Vulcan emerge (alongside Misa in Jaguar Vulcan to give Hiba a new Vulcan Suit) and allow for the team to face it down. Ultimately they use Vulcan Ball to transform into a fire extinguisher to both freeze and put out the fire on Flying Squirrel Monger; after it grows with its Expansion Program, Sun Vulcan Robo defeats it completely.


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His main abilities involve both the usage of flight to elude enemies as well as a pair of rockets on his back to shoot and fire against opponents called the Flying Squirrel Rockets. He is also equipped with bombs, finger rockets, eye beams, and toxic mist from the mouth.

Behind the Scenes


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