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"Let me go. Put me down."
―Flute Org´s final words before his destruction[src]

Flute Org is a powerful Org who first appeared as the main villain in episode "The Flute."


As the result of an Org Spirit acquiring a flute in a store, Flute Org is an Org musician who can make anyone dance uncontrollably with her music. Her melodies are considered excellent by her own kind, but terrible by humans. She could control children with her music. She used her  magic to attack a playground full of children and force them to dance till it hurts them. The Rangers defeated her  at first time, but she was saved by Jindrax and Toxica. Mandilok gave the Flute Org energy drained from Jindrax and Toxica and made her more powerful to the point she could control adults too. She later attacked the city again and forced all businesspeople to dance and even makes the Rangers dance under her control when they arrive to save the people. But Shayla and Merrick sang their song for Deer Zord and neutralized her powers. The monster tried to battle the rangers with her  magical blasts, but they finally destroyed her with Jungle sword. Toxica ressurected Flute Org and enlarged her and she used her magic to stop them from summoning their zords. But Animus destroyed her  flute. Flute Org was finally destroyed by the Isis Megazord's Antler Crush.The Flute

Onikage used an illusion of Flute Org appearing in the city to lure out the Rangers. Later on, Flute Org is among the Orgs in the Org Spirit World that are summoned by Onikage. Flute Org was revived by Onikage but was finally destroyed by the Pegasus Megazord.The Master's Herald


Flute Org is wicked, sinister, villainous and menacing monster. She is very selfish, arrogant and narcissistic and thinks she is good musician, but actually he is just a villain. She is also a sadist, enjoys causing destruction and forcing people to dance. She is also a coward, fights only with magic and always cheats. Despite her wicked nature, she is very loyal to Mandilok.

Powers and abilities

Hypnotic music: Flute Org can use her magic to make people dance. At first she could control only children, but then she was powered by Mandilok and now she can control everyone. She can also can use her magic to block powers of rangers, as he stopped them from summoning Zords.

Energy beams: The monster can also shoot powerful beams from her flute.


The magic flute: Org use her magic flute to control to use her magic flute.

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