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"I'd rather use it to make you dance"
―Flute Org before taking control over the Wild Force Rangers.[src]

"Let me go. Put me down."
―Flute Org when being picked up by the Isis Megazord's antler and his final words before his death.[src]

Flute Org is a powerful Org, who can force anyone dance uncontrollably with his music. He first appeared as the main villain in the episode "The Flute."



Flute Org was created as the result of an Org Spirit acquiring a flute in a store. When he manifested, he scared a seller in the store and the man ran away. Flute Org calls himself a music star with style and then walks on the streets, where he hears the music of Merrick and Princess Shayla. He calls the melody trash and nothing but trouble and says that he will play "real music".

Flute Org is an Org musician who can make anyone dance uncontrollably with his music. His melodies are considered excellent by his own kind, but terrible by humans. At first, he could control only children with his music. The Org plays on his flute and Princess Shayla and Merrick hears it. Mistakenly thinking it was Merrick, Shayla says that the music sounds awful. Mandilok then heard the music of the Flute Org and considered it beautiful. Mandilok quickly realized that it's the Flute Org who was playing it and says he can feel it inside. Mandilok ordered Jindrax and Toxica to bring the Flute Org to him. Flute Org used his magic to attack a playground full of children and force them to dance till it hurts them. The kids were in despair, screaming to stop.

The Wild Force Rangers arrived and battled the villain. Cole attacked the Org, while the Rangers evacuated the children and the Org wondered why they stopped him, as he thought the children danced so beautifully under his latest bebop original. Alyssa answers by saying he was just a villain and he tortured innocent children, who were exhausted. The Rangers answered the same thing. The Flute Org considers the declaration of the White Rangers nonsense and tries to use his music against the Rangers, it didn't work. Merrick recognizes his music as the melody which he heard in the morning. Cole notices that the Org's magic doesn't work on them. The Rangers attack Flute Org and overpower him. The Rangers defeated him the first time and the Org admitted that "Nobody appreciate jazz". The Rangers nearly captured the Org but he was saved by Jindrax and Toxica, who attacked them and tell the Org to come with them.

Flute Org escapes with Jindrax and Toxica. The Duke Orgs brought him to the Nexus to Mandilok. Jindrax and Toxica order Flute Org to kneel before Mandilok, who recognizes him as the Org flutist with magic abilities. Mandilok asked Flute Org if he could control everyone and the Org answered that he could control only children, but if he received more energy, he would be able to control the adults too. Mandilok agrees to help the Org and decides to take the energy from Jindrax and Toxica. The two tried to run, but the General Org drained some of their life energy and gave it to the Flute Org, making him more powerful to the point he could control adults too. Flute Org later attacked the city again and forced all the adults to dance, gloating in his powers and saying that he will submit the people forever and no one will stop him, and even made the Rangers dance under his control when they arrived to save the people. But Princess Shayla and Merrick sang their song for the Deer Zord and made him stop. The Deer Wildzord arrived and sprayed his magic dust to neutralize the Org's powers. The monster tried to battle the Rangers with his magical blasts, but they finally destroyed him with the Jungle Sword.

Toxica resurrected Flute Org and enlarged him and he used his magic to stop them from summoning their Zords but Animus destroyed his flute by using his energy bow so the Rangers summoned their Wildzords and Flute Org was finally destroyed by the Isis Megazord's Antler Crush. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Flute

Onikage used an illusion of Flute Org appearing in the city to lure out the Rangers. Later on, Flute Org is among the Orgs in the Org Spirit World that are summoned by Onikage. but is defeated by the Pegasus Megazord which makes him vanish. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Master's Herald


Flute Org is a wicked, sinister, villainous, and menacing monster. He is very selfish, arrogant, and narcissistic and thinks he is good musician, but actually he is just a villain. He is also a sadist who enjoys causing destruction and forcing people to dance. He is also a coward since fights only with magic and always cheats. Despite her wicked nature, he is very loyal to Mandilok, Jindrax, and Toxica.

Powers And Abilities


  • Body Modification: Flute Org can modify any parts of his body, as seen when he turned his left arm into a revolver.
  • Life-Force Empowerment: The Flute Org was able to increase his strength by drawing more power from Jindrax and Toxica's life energy thanks to Mandilok.


  • Strength: Flute Org possesses great physical strength and is able to fight the Rangers.
  • Skilled Combatant: In addition to his raw strength, the Flute Org is a skilled combatant.


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  • Magic Flute: Flute Org has a magic flute that he can use to control his opponents.

    Flute Org's Magical Flute

    • Hypnotic Music: Flute Org can use his magic to make people dance. At first he could control only children, but after being powered up by Mandilok, he can control everyone. The victims' minds are intact, but they have no control over their bodies.
      • Power Blocking: Flute Org can also can use his music to block the Rangers' powers, as shown when he prevented them from summoning their Wildzords.
  • Left Revolver Arm: For an aid in combat, the Flute Org can turn his left arm into a multi-barreled revolver.
    • Recorder Blast: Flute Org can fire powerful color-varied energy lasers from his revolver arm.
    • Recorder Missile: Flute Org can also fire the barrels of his revolver arm like missiles that explode on contact.

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