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Flurious' Robot is an ice-theme Zord and was the personal Zord of Flurious before being stolen by the Fearcats.


A Megazord-sized robot Flurious created with an enlarged Gyro as its power source. Originally Flurious was going to pilot it to retrieve the ancient Cannon of Kiamook. Before he could use it, it was stolen by the Fearcats in an act of betrayal. While Mig fought off the Rangers, Benglo used the robot to burrow deep into the ground and retrieved the Cannon. With both the Cannon of Kiamook combined with its ability to draw further power from Mig and Benglo's gryos, the robot easily took down the Drivemax Megazord before setting fire on the city. However, the robot was soon destroyed by Tyzonn and his new Flashpoint Megazord. It's cannon was then claimed by the Rangers Behind the Scenes

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Flurious' Robot posses a great deal of strength, being able to take out almost all of the Zords with ease.
  • Flight: Flurious' Robot has jet thursters that it can use to fly in high speeds.
  • Ground Submerge: Flurious' Robot can spin in high speeds and drill though the ground.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Flurious' Robot can jump at incredible highest.
  • Chest Energy Blast: Fluious' Robot can fire energy blasts from the three lights located on its chest.


  • Cannon of Kiamook: Acquired from underground, Flurious' Robot used to be equipped with a large cannon that can either fire devastating blast of orange colored fireballs, be use to block other attacks, or be used as a hand held weapon in a similar manner to baton, it can also charge up the fireball for an increase in strength.
  • Energy Fireballs-The Cannon of Klamook can fire enormous balls of fire energy. This is by far it's stronhgest attack and finisher as a single blast blew apart the Drivemax Ultrazord and shot down the Sonic Streaker.


  • This robot is not based on a Power Ranger zord like most of the other Monsters, but on the Live Robo from the Super Sentai series Liveman.
  • Flurious' Robot is the first Zord or monster to be fought by the Flash Point Zords, as well as the Flash Point Megazord.

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