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Flint Goldtsuiker (フリント・ゴールドツイカー Furinto Gōrudotsuikā) is the younger sister of Zox Goldtsuiker.

Character History

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Like her family, Flint is a self-absorbed pirate who has no qualms messing with others to get her way. She cares very much for her family, and supports her brother with her technology to beat the Tojitendo for their younger brothers' sake.

As an older sister she takes a more hands-off approach towards her younger brothers. When they argue in public, she just says that is how they always are. Even then, it turns out her inaction was what caused Ricky & Cutanner to be cursed, thus she holds a large amount of guilt.

Compared to her brother she is much more rugged. She has no sense of honor, and even suggested wiping out the Zenkaigers when they had the chance. However she gained a little trust towards them after Kaito confronted her and helped her out.

Flint is shown to be adept at making technology, as she "stole” the Gokaiger’s likeness to develop the Twokaiser system along with stolen plans from the Tojitendo. After a single viewing of Zenkaiser's personal Sentai Gear, she was even able to recreate the Sentai Gears for Zox's use. She seems to like sweets such as mochi and candy.



  • Hammer: Flint wielded a large hammer while she and Zox invaded the Tojitendo Palace.
  • Specialized Revolver: When stealing from the Colorful Candy Cafe, Flint wielded a big one-handed revolver against the transformed Zenkaigers, and even fired a warning shot. The weapon can down a Kudakk with one shot.

Behind the Scenes


  • Flint Goldtsuiker is portrayed by Hinami Mori (森 日菜美 Mori Hinami)




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