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Flat Monger (ペッタンモンガー Pettan Mongā, 32) is a stamp-theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Flat Monger is sent out to cause chaos to society by forcing people to possess its strange face masks, which force out their deep thoughts and make them turn violent as a result. While Amazon Killer warns them of the Monger's ability, Takayuki is forced to take on one of the Monger's victims soon after in the form of a kendo student who felt jealous of his teacher's skill by comparison to his own. Black Magma soon removes all the Flat Monger masks to lull Sun Vulcan into a sense of security and doubt until sending them out more violent than ever in order to cause greater chaos and mistrust. With Takayuki protecting his student and VulShark and VulPanther fighting the Monger, the team deal with Flat Monger, knocking off its head with the Solar Kick long enough to destroy it with Vulcan Ball; after its Expansion Program activate, the team use the Solar Screw to hold down both of Flat Monger's main body parts long enough to destroy it with Aura Plasma Returns.


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His main ability is an indented "face" upon his torso (which looks more like his mouth): anyone who becomes squashed within the face gains a strange mask that forces out the dark inner feelings a person has, usually causing violent reactions by the victim. The special face mask can withstand high heat and can be controlled to become even more violent at will, while being able to be removed or replaced on the victim by the Monger. Flat Monger's real face likewise is detachable, allowing for him to fly around and strike an opponent independent of the main body and can fire enegry beams from the eyes. He also has a whip for his left arm which is armed with a flamethrower called the Blazing Hell Stamp.

Behind the Scenes


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